Boys basketball Copa Columbus.


The Columbus School’s boys basketball team during the high school Copa Columbus finals against Salazar y Herrera.

Maria Jose Puerta Botero, Discoverer Staff Writer

The High School boys basketball team has lost the finals at copa Columbus for the second time in a row.

On April 8, the high school team lost the finals for a consecutive year to the same team, Salazar y Herrera. Salazar is not a new opponent to the players, as they have been battling them for first place for a long time.

The hardest opponent was Salazar and Herrera, it is a team that is very even, but all the players complement each other and each one knows how to play very well. They have a very aggressive defense style and they are very good throwers,” Samuel Villa, HS Boys basketball team coach, said.

After the 2018 Copa Columbus bust, the team knew that if they wanted to win in 2019 they had to do some changes. Their way through with this was through continuous and intense training as an entire team to make sure everyone got into the rhythm of it.

“After last year’s loss, we knew that we could only go upward, we needed to train harder, more focused and behave like a team if we wanted to beat them at this 2019 copa Columbus,” Tomas Moreno, basketball team captain, said.

Even though the whole team thought this after last year’s defeat they didn’t make it happen. After christmas break the boys stopped training constantly and assisting games. Having less than six players training after school became normal.

“Before Copa there was not enough preparation, some times after school there will only be four-five players at training, as a team we lacked a lot of structure,” Villa, said.

Even if the team had a goal for this year’s Copa Columbus, in the end they were not capable of fulfilling it thanks to their lack of compromise.

“After a very difficult and fought group phase we reached the final, but not everything can be won with born talent, to win you have to train,” Moreno, said.