Binationals Comments – Girl Soccer Team


Here we have Mar Porto 10th grader, who is a very talented and skillful player of the TCS team.

Pedro Pablo Uribe , Discoverer Staff Writer

Binationals was the week November 12-16 and the girls soccer team was not the satisfied with their result, as they thought they will do much better in the tournament.

Previously at Binationals the girls soccer team usually had an outstanding performance, and got an opportunity in finals, but this year was different. This year was much more challenging for the team, as they got third place but actually their expectations as a team were much higher than their result.

This was my first high school Binationals, and I that the result was no what I expected I thought that we were gonna be champions, we ended in third place,” said Obando.

There were various critiques about the other teams sportsmanship and their aggressivity, TCS soccer girl team had various incidents as well.

“Other teams, like the Panamericano from Bucaramanga wasn’t the best in sportsmanship, they were very rude and aggressive,” said Susana Obando a 11th grader soccer team member.

TCS team considered that Binationals games required a high level of self control due to the aggressivity seen in the field, coming from other teams.

“Lots of people in our team had small injuries, Catalina Velez got a second grade sprain, as well as other 3-4 other girls in the team,” said Camila Agudelo 11th grader and soccer team player.

The TCS soccer girl team was actually really affected by other teams aggressive soccer plays, but that was not their only disappointment.

“We did passes and created a play, as a difference to the other teams who only throwed the ball up field and tried to score,” Agudelo said.

THe TCS team has been making a huge effort trying to play well and having an enjoyable match, but due to other teams ways of playing it resulted to be a more tough tournament.

“Binationals was very challenging, confronting different teams all with good level, twice a day,” said Obando.

Binationals resulted to be a more difficult and rough tournament than expected, and it was seen by the ranking of TCS how challenging it was.

“For our team I was not satisfied. I thought we were the best team,” said Agudelo.