Avoid summer school, come to recoup days!


Antonia Gaviria, Discoverer Staff Writer

Tic Toc! The year’s ending and all you can hear about is grades, averages and more grades. You’re overworked and all you want to do is leave for summer break, but there’s a catch… you have to recoup in the three days recoup space where it’s a feud for the teacher’s attention and it’s a battle of you against the school year, will you pass? TCS has three days where you can turn in all the work you have not turned in yet, do makeup tests, bump your grade up and in some miraculous occasions, pass the year if you’re failing. This is an extremely useful opportunity for those who are failing classes, have lower grades or are struggling to achieve that 4,0 average everyone desires.

According to Jordan Capano, a scholar associated with TeachHub, “Revision also encourages students to meet with their teachers for conferences to receive highly beneficial one-on-one attention. So instead of creating new opportunities, consider how you can help reinforce the skills and outcomes of previous ones.” This is why not solely the students have the opportunity to re-do old work, they have the chance to understand some previously misunderstood material, do tests on it and improve their grade based on their freshly acquired skills.
“I am an overachiever, because of this, I will be attending ‘recoup’ days, not because I need to pass but if I have the opportunity to get my grades up higher than they are at the moment, I will take the opportunity,” Andrea Fernandez TCS junior said. The recoup period is not only beneficial for those who are in need of passing a grade but it is also beneficial for those who are interested in studying abroad and wish to have higher grades in order to have a higher opportunity to get into a better college. These students are commonly denominated as overachievers, those who are not comfortable with just completing expectations but are willing to go the extra mile to exceed expectations. In this case, they’re scarifying three days of their vacation in order to bump their grade up even if it is one percent.
 “I have personally never attended recoup days since I kill myself every day of the year in order to have good grades and be able to go on vacations the day you’re supposed to go out for vacations. Regardless of this, I still think that these days are a very good opportunity for those who are failing or even nearly failing some grades and could use that bump up that the school provides. Not many schools provide this kind of opportunity, sure, they have final recoups as the school does in August, but these are better because you can prevent coming in August if you put the effort in these days, it’s easier and better.” Eliana Lopez 11th grader said. Regardless if they utilize this opportunity or they don’t, students recognize the opportunity that is given on these three ‘amnesty’ school days, where school gives a second chance to those who need it and work for it.
Having a recoup period is beneficial for students and they’re grateful for them regardless of their use, the benefits of being able to bump their grade up outweighs the cost of having to stay an extra three days when everyone else is enjoying their first week of summer, it is an opportunity everyone should take and be grateful that they have it, not every student takes advantage of it but they should be aware it is an option. You do not need ‘bad’ grades in order to take advantage of this opportunity that the school provides, enjoy your summer and have no worries about summer school if you take this chance.