Assault to the PROM


Lost Vape Obvio, one of the man type of vape that will probably smuggle in to the prom.

Pedro Jimenez R, Discoverer Staff Writer

After the new non-smoking policy at PROM 2019, the student body at TCS didn’t assume a positive attitude towards the regulation.

On June 1st, the prom for Seniors 2018-2019 will be held in a yet unknown location. By tradition, it has been organized by 11th grade students. In this year’s prom, smoking any kind of vape inside the location will be prohibited, causing concern the students who smoke.

“I Think it’s going to cause a lot of controversies since there are a lot of people addicted to smoking any kind of vape or E-cigarettes. I think people will be really mad about all this,” Manuela Saldarriaga, 11th grader and Prom committee staff, said.

In addition, Saldarriaga has emphasised on the reaction some students might have due to the inconvenience. Nicotine addiction in TCS is something people are aware of, and the prom committee has it in count.

“Of course I’m planning to take my vape, I only smoke in parties and it’s the perfect chance. It’s worth the try,” Anonymous 10th grader who is attending prom, said.

Even though the new rule has already been notified to the students, a rebellious behavior has been detected throughout the people who are planning on attending.

“I think prom will be ruined completely and I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a complication during that night, such as the smoke detectors turning on,” Santiago Muñoz, 10th grader who will attend prom, said.

After the information of the new norm and the consequence it would bring if not followed was spread, a wave of negativity and critics grew through the student body.

“The company that we are doing the Prom with has security, and if they find any vape they will take it away until the end of the party  but they won’t let it in. If they see someone smoking inside the Prom they will be kicked out without the possibility of entering again,” Valentina Velez, 11th grader and Prom committee staff, said.

As a reaction to the multiple behavioral responses that the prom committee has witnessed, they have decided to act towards the threat they are receiving.

“Every person I know that smokes is going to take the risk of vaping during prom, after all it’s something people now a days really need and it is necessary for their ways of partying,” Muñoz, said.