20th Edition of Candle Night at TCS a Huge Success


TCS Families spending time together while enjoying Candle Night.

Lucia Gaviria, Discoverer Staff Writer

The Columbus School hosted its 20th Annual Candle Night celebration on December 4th attended by about 3000 visitors.

The event in the upper parking lot ran from 4:30 to 8 pm and included 50 food stands, 3 trucks, a musical show, and an art exhibit, all to celebrate this special annual event. 

“In 1999, we arrived in January and in December was the first Christmas day that took place at the new school. A large tree was put together, a large stage in front of the door of the Colosseum, and the children sang, put on their pretty uniforms and that was the first time. It was very beautiful,” Maryluz Meza, creator of the event, said.

According to Meza the event has evolved since then and it has become bigger, but from the beginning it has always been held with the same goal, fundraising for a good cause and an opportunity for TCS families to spend time together celebrating the start of the holiday season.

“On the previous days, we have to set the lighting for the day. Illuminate the boulevards and some other lighting, the Christmas tree, etc,” Andres Montoya, Maintenance Coordinator, said.

Candle Night has a lot of work behind it and details such as lighting and parking make this night magical. From scheduling the ambulances, to getting a permit from the municipality of Envigado, planning out the parking lot to receive about 1,100 cars, all the details that have made possible the last 20 Candle Nights.

“Sunday, November 30 and December 1, are all invested in preparation for the 4th, this consists of the hall lights, exterior lights, the little decoration and the stage and assembly in The Colosseum for presentations,” Montoya, said.

There was a variety of entertainment, including performances by The High School Band and The Elementary Choir who sang six songs including “All I want for Christmas Is You” and “Navidad Negra.” 

“In the elementary coliseum was the musical show and the art gallery exhibition. On the other hand, what was in the High School parking lot that consists of food, sales,” Juan Fernando Mesa, General Services Director said.

Food trucks such as Chef Burger, and stands with student initiatives such as the “Girl Up Concept Market” and the Lighting Blue Lizards Robotics Team Fair were held as well.

“On Candle Night the students of eleventh and twelfth grade will lead the candle sales, the money recollected will go towards granting 25 scholarships with the Medellín Philharmonic,” Camilo Polanco, TCS Foundation Director, said.

The participation of the foundation in Candle Night is that through the earnings, that includes 20% of food truck sales, candles, and stand renting they donate it towards a good cause. Not only does the magic of Candle Night rely on maintenance members, but also students, that together make the night work perfectly.

”The most important thing is that people come to share with family, to be with friends, there are many graduates who already come with their families, the students’ families already know each other then that is the idea.” Mesa said.