11th Grade Students Raise Cash for Prom


Valentina Velez

TCS 11th grader, Sebastian Duque, wears a hat in school for today’s challenge that the Prom Committee created to help raise funds for the Prom of 2019.

Valentina Velez, News Editor

Raising the money for the 2019 Senior Prom, the 11th grade student Prom Committee helps parents with this new and big expense, but expect more help from their fellow classmates.  

As 11th grade is a particularly small group, made up of 86 students instead of the 110 that other years have, the expenses for this Prom will be much higher for each family and student. Prom committee is helping out by creating activities such as challenges that help collect fonds.

“I think that all student should participate not only the student committee, because they are the ones who make the effort of planning the Prom and use their time for it even with their studies, while the others just go to a party and have a good time,” Natalia Piedrahita, member of Mothers Prom Committee, said.

Even with help form the committee and students, parents still have to pay most of the Prom. Each family that wants to participate must pay a total of 630 thousand pesos.

“Parents are paying the majority of the Prom by giving a quota during 9 months, but we also need help for all students to raise the rest of the money,” Piedrahita said.

The student Prom committee has taken some measures to ensure that the budget goal is met even if it means compromising some privileges that once the 11th graders that paid for the Prom received. The amount of tickets for each person was compromised, seeing that each Prom ticket costs 90 thousand pesos. By selling those the money will go to the Prom not to the student.

“Normally 11th graders had two tickets for Prom but his year they are getting just one so we can sell the other and raise money,” Andrea Ochoa, 11th Grade Student and Prom Committee member, said.

There have not been complaints from the parents about the issue with the money but there have been some complaints that involved their kids collaboration in it.

“It is unfair because parents don’t only pay the Prom, it is actually and extra expense that we have to pay,” Piedrahita said.

The 630 thousand pesos per family will not be enough by itself to pay for Prom. Parents and the Prom Committee need collaboration from the rest of the student body to meet not only the goal in budget but to continue a school tradition.

“The seniors are expecting a cool Prom, for it to be unforgettable and amazing. The Seniors did the Prom last year that was amazing and everyone had a very good time so we know that they have high expectations,” Ochoa said.