People Struggle To Keep Friends Close As Pandemic Pulls Them Apart

Friendship is maintained during the pandemic by recognizing all precautions.

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Friendship is maintained during the pandemic by recognizing all precautions.

The pandemic has turned our lives upside down, progressively creates an impact over our friendships, for better and for worse.  

Indeed, the importance of human interaction and relationships remains significant, individuals should recover ties and focus more on friendships. People during the pandemic have suffered various mental health issues caused by lack of interaction and communication with other individuals. 

Social circles form part of the format of a human being, individuals are dependent. Through the pandemic, people disconnect and withdraw from friendship groups. However, it is important to resolve how to maintain, act and organize ourselves in order to keep friendships.

“The pandemic has distanced me from some friends but brought me closer to others, we need to use WhatsApp or other platforms to maintain friendships,” Lola Saldarriaga, Grade 11, said. 

In times of pandemic, it is appropriate to understand and reflect on many aspects. A sizable percentage of individuals prepare an ordinary routine, in which unfortunately they do not include essential and predominant aspects such as: setting aside a space to discuss with their friends.  

On the other hand, it remains important to emphasize the value of friendships, because through friendships individuals can feel: someone cares about you, or beyond that: support, mental health, entertainment, and appreciation. 

“In this critical moment like the pandemic in which we have seemed so isolated and alone, having many changes in our quotidian life, it is very important to have social ties with people who make us feel part of something higher, ” Ivana Restrepo, Grade 11, said.

Consequently, many times individuals remain unaware of the issue of loneliness or independence, which generates apathy towards society. However, these factors tend to create controversy as this affects mental health and leads to other disorders. 

According to research by the Mayo Clinic, individuals who perform an active social life provide less risk of relapsing into certain diseases such as high blood pressure, depression, and unhealthy body mass index. Emphasizes the importance of friendships towards individuals, they promote overall health. In addition, friends are a sign of cognitive development and intellectual capacity. 

As human beings, we need the physical affection and care of other people to develop and progress properly. Conserve a beneficial social environment that makes the individual feel understood, loved, and listened to generates many appealing aspects such as motivation, self-esteem, and a good emotional state. 

“We have become more independent and we have also met people through virtuality, likewise social circles have also expanded. On the other hand, there are people who have become more lonely, and through the pandemic they have isolated themselves which could have emotional consequences,” Saldarriaga said.

Current research demonstrates how friendships contribute to a healthier life, remains crucial for well-being. Conversely, the risks of smoke, obesity, and blood pressure are practically proportional to isolation.

Beyond the issues addressed, after the pandemic, dependence on friendships will include a significant turn, since the number of friends will decrease, precisely due to the lack of time predisposed to friendships or because individuals become more aware of genuine friendships. Individuals will be more independent, by prioritizing their personal life, giving less importance to society and others opinions.

“I believe that this pandemic has also allowed us to identify many friendships. After the pandemic, we will be able to value that daily routine of greeting the surrounding people in our daily lives, by valuing even superficial dialogues, which can enrich us and help us feel that we belong to a place,” Andres Rendon, HS Counselor, said. 

Finally, remains infallible to mention the various manners promoted to maintain a relationship during a pandemic. Arousing some controversy, promotes high interest to emphasize that social networks contribute to friendships, helps to reconstitute, maintain or meet a friend. Individuals require advice, support and company.

“I believe that the most important thing is to be very intentional, by sustain strategies that promote contact and communication with friends,” Ana Isabel Garcia, HS Counselor, said. 

For instance, it’s valuable to recognize practical and healthy friendships. It becomes significant to dedicate time to prolong and maintain friendships. Moreover, show certain unconditionality.

“To maintain friendships, we need elementary bases such as cellphones, a call, WhatsApp, contact through social networks … You have to seek reasons or excuses to maintain contact, often online and, if possible, in person,” Restrepo said. 

On the other hand, friendships can continue by monitoring them through any social network. Provide applications or socialize through the internet is very optimal and practical in this situation. Additionally, w news published an article in which shows that with this ongoing and seemingly unending difficulty, the actions committed to optimize time in search in order to maintain or even create new relationships are many. As a method, virtual spaces manage platforms to develop relationships. However, some activities allow these encounters such as: exercise at the same time, have Zoom meetings, or perform routine activities while talking with friends. 

“For me, friendship is a very big word and I believe friendship implies people who help us to build, to be better, to live better, to have a higher level of well-being. Therefore, we have to maintain all the friendships that are within our reach,” Restrepo said 

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