FElIZ CUMPLEAÑOS FERXXO Redefines Reggaeton Cultural Impact


Original album cover featured on spotify

Matias Alzate, Discoverer Staff Writer

Feid’s 7th studio album dropped unexpectedly on September 14. Its 15 songs contain deep lyrics with uplifting beats that express many of the good and valuable things about Medellín’s culture.

The album is full of facts about Colombian culture. Feid deals with the controversy and pressure piled on by the media, but he showed that effort and personality can silence the negative comments. The artist was under a lot of pressure since his last two studio albums INTER SHIBUYA & BAHIA DUCATI, put him onto the big spotlight. 

This year’s album had to be a masterpiece if he wanted to reach the reggaeton throne. The artist was preparing to show the world that not all Colombians are “narcos”. In the old days when reggaeton started, artists portrayed a gangster style. But that was not the case for him, he wanted to build his personality around young men raised in Medellin. On an Instagram live at the end of 2020, he was asked what was the next step for his career. He told the audience that he wanted to show the world his real character and show the real paisa culture. Soon after the interview he became an internet personality, and popularized paisa expressions like “mor,” and “que chimba.” 

This new release showed a completely different version of Feid. Just a few weeks before the leak, fans could already determine the album theme was a combination of heartbreaks and paisa culture. Clues of the theme and core of the albums were already given in songs like, LA INOCENTE or ULTRA SOLO REMIX. The album itself maintains the same genre of modern-day reggaeton with some touches of chill electronic music. The artist even admitted himself via Instagram stories that he wanted to keep the core of all the songs the same, and he was not lying about it. When he was pre-releasing his songs, memes were all over the internet saying that all the songs sounded the same. Ironically those songs are on the top of the billboard charts from many countries. 

On the other hand, when the album was released, there was something notorious about the new songs. As mentioned earlier the core and tonality were the same, but the beat frequency was lowered, managing to give fans deeper and chiller songs. We can see this on songs like Belixe or Prohibidox, where deep house is  combined with reggaeton on Belixe. Or even acoustic guitar with reggaeton on Prohibidox. The combination of genres was a complete success, and it was just 2 days after release, these songs managed to climb up to the top of the rankings. 

Impact and Next Steps

Feid handled the hype really well. Not only was he releasing one song per week, but even so after the release he announced that the album will have a sequel including another 15 songs that will be released in December of this year. The artist is a mastermind of marketing since he took advantage of the hype to get more streams for his songs. He started at the beginning of March releasing songs every 3-4 weeks. 

When the artist was forced to release the album, it seemed like the hype was decimated. To the fans’ surprise the artist stated on Instagram live that half of the original album was released. which means that the rest of the album will be dropped at the end of the year. The Instagram live made the fans even more addicted to the newly released album. Also, we know for a fact that some songs of the upcoming album will be released. Feid will be announcing when he will release songs via Twitter.

Without a doubt in mind, Feid was not disappointed with the newly dropped album. With the new songs, he showed the world his true personality. As a matter of fact due to the things stated above, we saw a clear and positive impact on the paisa culture, helping eliminate all the false narrative. Contentwise we saw the artist combine more genres with traditional reggaeton delivering fans some beats and lyrics he haven seen before coming from him.