12th Graders’ Last Copa Columbus.


Isabela Murillo, senior of The Columbus School and captain of the girls basketball team playing against El Colegio Los cedros, in 2019 Copa Columbus.

Maria Jose Puerta Botero, News Editor

Last Copa Columbus, which took place on April 5th-8th for the graduating seniors was a bittersweet ending for their long lasting scholastic athletic career

Juana Pardo the sub-captain of the soccer team and Isabela Murillo the captain of the basketball team have been on the school’s team since a young age. but it was finally time for them to take a part in their last school’s tournament.  

“I’ve been playing soccer since I was in fourth grade, I stopped playing in sixth grade and  came back in eighth grade and I’ve been playing since then,” Juana Pardo, Senior soccer player, said.

Being part of a sports team not only means having to train every day to become better but it also means getting to know your team members really well and growing affection towards them.

“My team is my family, I love them with all my heart, and being part of that family has made me a better person. I absolutely love every member of my team. Through the years I have grown to consider them my second family and they will always hold a place in my heart, Isabela Murillo, Senior basketball player, said.

Usually seniors in their last Copa Columbus take the chance to give it all, as they realize they are never going to play again with the school’s team and they want to give their best at their last.

“After my last Copa Columbus I feel really good, first of, we won, and personally I think this was one of the best ones, where I did my best effort and played really well,” Pardo, said.

After having their last Copa Columbus, seniors get time to think about their journey in the schools team and most of the time they feel really good.

“Since I started playing basketball I had 3 specific goals that I wanted to accomplish before graduating: first I wanted to win Binationals, Second I wanted to win Copa, and third I wanted to win the MVP award in binationals. The best part  is that I did accomplish all of them and on top of that I gained a family,” Murillo said.