Trash in La Guajira

Britta Kathryn Mc Carthy

Isabela Aristizabal, Discoverer Contributor

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Many will see a beautiful beach full of life. But actually, this is just a facade of the real problem La Guajira is facing. A much deeper problem of corruption and lack of voice. The environment of a La Guajira is full of trash and contamination. The people living in La Guajira, don’t seem to have consciousness of what they are going to their environment harming it with so much trash, ruining the view. But actually it’s not only the people living there. It’s the government that has forgotten a big part of their country, the citizens, tourists who travel and buy plastic bottles that only last 5 minutes in their hands yet 1000 years to decompose. We might say “they have to do something.” But the real answer is WE have to do something and raise awareness  in order to not only improve La Guajira but the whole world.