La Guajira & Our Future

Sofia Pulgarin, Contributor


A problem isn’t actually a problem if it doesn’t have a solution. Take Colombia; for example, all around Colombia there is pollution and poverty. Not only Colombia has these problems, but there are problems like these all around the world and I apologize to admit the truth about this but this seems irrelevant to many people. In Colombia there are hundreds of people that suffer from poverty and the disadvantage of not having enough water. The government’s “solution” for this problem is to allow mining and ignore the fact that the biggest problem and the cause of this is the dirt and trash that is thrown and left behind from anyone around their city.

Let’s take the Wayuu for example, they don’t have enough water and the water they do have is mostly dirty and will give them digestive problems. Their clean water  per day is limited, since they only use 0.7L of water to use for the entire day, that’s like a grain of sand on a beach compared to all we have. The Wayuu population is reducing by the  minute all around Colombia, keeping in mind that the most of them are children and women who need to be hydrated but as I already said they don’t have enough water. They also don’t have the proper education, even worse they don’t have the materials they need to actually study properly in an adequate environment.. The Columbus School helped for this solution. 8th grade students from The Columbus School collected money so they can give resources and water for the Wayuu; at least for a  year. This was a great start, especially because every small action can make a great impact.

For these issues there are many more solutions, for example, stop mining and help people all over the Guajira, including the Wayuu. A possible solution for this is that we could all take care of the environment and take our trash and place it into the right place because the environment is our future. Around the world we also need to help the children because they might be a small part of our population but they are all our future so we need to take care of  everything. Unfortunately, we all know this is happening and while we know this is happening we’re not doing anything and that should change because eventually this will change what our future will look like, and if we keep damaging our environment and mostly our people our future will not look like we would wish it looks like. We all want our future to be bright and beautiful so we can live in peace in it, but going the way we are right now our future will look another completely different way that what we were hoping it would look like.