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Logo of the upcoming virtual leadership summit named You Grow Girl that will happen during the afternoon of October 15th. Girl Up hosts leadership summits every year, and at The Columbus School, this will be the third summit organized by the club.

You Grow Girl

Valeria Sierra, Discoverer Staff Writer
October 3, 2020
Students during the pandemic, looking desperately for the SAT test center that is available for them to take the exam.

Standardized Testing Complicated by COVID-19

Lucia Gaviria, Discoverer Staff Writer
October 3, 2020
Students from the province of Sichuan, China are now learning in a face to face format; yet, taking all of the safety measures until a new order. The Columbus school will follow similar procedures once it reopens.

Face to Face Classes Will Reopen at TCS

Nicolás Escobar, Discoverer Staff Writer
October 2, 2020
Blue walls can be seen in the Columbus School front lawn ahead of the students' return. These are part of the new biosecurity protocols implemented by the school, placed to ensure that a safe distance is kept between people present at campus. “I'm happy that the school has taken these measures seriously because they mean that our return is one step closer than we expected,” Nicolas Zarate, TCS senior, said.

Homecoming: Students Safe Return to Campus

Nicolas Creus, Discoverer Staff Writer
October 2, 2020
Students taking AP Human are learning to analyze and collect data using different methods of display and then create conclusions based on the evidence provided. They have learned to analyze charts like the one above. “ I always liked understanding maps, how the world works, and how everything is distributed,” Maria Jose Garces, junior, said.

Changes in AP Human Geography

Emiliana Alvarez, Discoverer Staff Writer
October 2, 2020
In High School, the competition of STUCO candidates against the voto en blanco sparks debate as students and former candidates question its use, and claim that when. “...there’s only one representative, that should be it,” said former contender against the voto en blanco, and current 12th grade STUCO representative, Nicolás Zarate.

STUCO Candidates vs Voto en Blanco: The Controversy

Camila Ceballos, Discoverer Staff Writer
September 28, 2020
Simón Sánchez, TCS 12th grade student, actively working at home during one of his breaks between classes. As class-time was reduced during the new distance learning schedule, most students, like Simón, use the longer breaks to finish up work that wasn’t completed during class. “I really appreciate the extra free time the school has given us with breaks, but I feel they have become more like X-blocks,” Simón said.

Directives Implement New Distance Learning Schedule

Isabel Mora, Discoverer Staff Writer
September 28, 2020
Logo of the pending Youtube Channel, Boost Learning. The educational videos published will be interactive and short to maintain the attention and interest of young kids. “If elementary students learned through high school students it would be more motivating and exciting,” Diana Mitchell, Early Years Principal, said.

NHS Kicks off the Year by Launching Boost Learning

Marianna Román, Discoverer Staff Writer
September 28, 2020
Nicolas Zarate, 12th grade STUCO candidate presents his proposals video during synchronous class time. Zarate created the video in order to share and explain some of his plans and proposals for the 12th grade STUCO representation.

12th And 11th Grade Elections In Times Of Covid

Maria Garces, Discoverer Staff Writer
September 28, 2020
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