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Class of 80 generation picture.

Class of 80 generation picture.

Class of 80 generation picture.

Class of 80 generation picture.

Jose Manuel Uribe, The Discoverer Staff Writer

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The ninety six soccer team generation could almost feel the taste of victory, until last minute, when the TCS student team was able to make an unpredictable tie.

Copa Egresados is a soccer tournament, which has been one of the main and most successful alumni integration events in the TCS school history. Yearly lots of alumni students participate in this competitive event with the purpose of reuniting themselves with old friends but also being crowned as the champions.


“Copa egresados is an event that takes place at TCS once a year; We’ve been performing it around ten years ago and and since then, it has been one of our main alumni meeting events,” Urbano Mesa stated.

This event has been occuring since 2007, and yearly more people attend this event with the desire of meeting old friends and having a wonderful time.

“I’ve been attending this event since 2007 and personally,I have experienced great moments with people I missed a lot,” replied P.E teacher Nando.

Participants who show up to this integration have the opportunity to interact with old friends and rekindle old friendships.

Outstanding Teams

“Throughout the years, different teams have won the cup, but the teachers team has shown outstanding skills since the beginning,” assured Poncho

As a matter of fact, teachers have won four of the ten times since this started. Even Though they are much older than some participants, most of the teachers still show awesome skills.

“Alumni teams have great players but their main defect is the lack of training,” student soccer player Santiago Giraldo stated.

Notably, teachers have a superior  advantage over other teams due to the effort and dedication they offer to train weakly after work.

Current scenario

“This year we are hosting five teams that have new team mates,” stated Mesa.

Currently this cup started the fourth of November  and lots of new alumni participants joined teams of their respective generations.

“Players are excited to show their talent and do whatever it takes to be named champions,” assured alumni Eduardo Munera.

As it was expected, this 2017 soccer cup is going to be much more competitive than the previous and more alumni will join to the event.

“We will do whatever it takes to take this soccer cup home,” Assured player Esteban Toro.