The F Classroom and Its Transcending Effect on TCS


Julian Gomez

Schools original master plan model located at Administration

Julian Gomez, Discoverer Staff Writer

Since the construction of the new F classroom, original building plans for the School’s “master plan” have changed.

The new sets of classrooms down in Elementary school caused the school to lack space, forcing them to make new plans for buildings to optimize space at school.

Elen Yepes, the financial and administrative manager for the school said “Room F was always in mind, since the start”.

Although the F classrooms were part of the original school plans, the effect that 22 new students per year would have on school wasn’t anticipated.

“We have built as these children pass the year and go on to the next”

As Yepes said, every year there has to be small modifications to the school to be able to hold that many students. Each year a new classroom was built as the students move on to the next year. Many other projects were made to make space for the students as well.

“Summer 2013: Extension of infirmary and cafeteria” “Summer 2017: 1 art classroom”

Due to the increase in students extensions to the infirmary and cafeteria had to be done to be able to hold new students and to finally handle and solve the demand that the infirmary had suffered for many years now.

Camila Escorcia, a student in 11th grade said “The new infirmary has had a very positive effect, there aren’t any lines and it’s very comfortable”. The new infirmary not only has had an effect on Elementary students but across school. Not only new buildings had to be constructed but also teachers had to be hired.

Already with classroom F, a single art teacher was not enough to attend 6 classes of 4 grades or 24 classes in total. So what we did was to hire another teacher of art and another of music ”

As Yepes said, one teacher for 24 classes was overkill so they had to build a new art class and hire a new teacher, and for music class they had to hire another teacher as well. Future plans for the school have been put in motion focusing on the students.

“We need to create a much bigger space”

As the first F class students arrive at Middle School next year, a new admin building will be constructed so that the old space that is left behind can be accommodated for classrooms.

“This plan will last 3 years, because in the year 2021, the first F class students graduate to High School, so what space shall be freed? The Library”