TCS Faces Problems With Amount of Students

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TCS Faces Problems With Amount of Students

Rafael Arango H, Discoverer Staff Writer

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Since about seven years the school started adding about 20 more students to K4 each year. The school made new classrooms for them each year, but next year this is going to be new for middle school and things will change.

For next year (2018-2019) about 120 students will join middle school. This is causing many space problems that the school is facing at the moment, because normally about 100 students join middle school, but because this 20 more students are starting to join this year new whole rooms have to be made.

“We can’t just simply add the incoming 20 students into different classes. This is because if there are more than 20 students per class it becomes harder for the teachers to control it  and also students tend to distract themselves easier,” said Administrative Head, Elen Yepes. 

It is not an easy task to for the school to grow in student amount. This is because it requires much more things than just simply adding more students to each grade. In order to make it an efficient learning space it requires much space.

“The school is building a new project which is called the central building. This new building is going to will have two floors. The top one is going to be dedicated to administration and the bottom floor is going to be dedicated to academic related stuff,”commented Yepes.

This project was in some way influenced because the school needed space for the new students incoming. So basically where the old offices were before it will be space available for academics.

“I think that this new building is going to benefit everyone in a very big way. This is because for example sometimes when you go to the library and its occupied by one class it is very difficult to study or get focused on something because people constantly talk,” said TCS Student Luis Saldarriaga.

This building is going to help everyone, from students to teachers because it will allow them to have more space to study and develop their skills.

“This project was made because we saw that the school needed more space both for the administration part and actual academic part. With this we are trying to organize better everything that has to do with administration and at the same time free up space for academic purposes,” said Yepes.

Because of this things happening next year the school is taking advantage of this and bringing together administration and freeing up space for academic things.

“This will hopefully make a very positive change in school,” said Yepes.