What do TCS students do after they graduate school?


Here is Camilo Diez in one of the beautiful cities he visited through his six months in Europe. “Croatia was one of the most beautiful countries I ever visited.”

Pedro Echeverri, Discoverer Staff Writer

Camilo Diez an Ex- TCS student that graduated school just six months ago, went to live to Italy for six months and when he came back he started Studying Mechatronic Engineering at La Escuela. The six months changed his life for completely and when he came back he was just as excited as ever to start his university career.

“I felt relieved and happy, because I missed my city a lot, It doesn’t meant I didn’t have fun in Italy but  I am very attached to Medellin so I was happy to see my friends my family and my girlfriend” Camilo Diez, ex-TCS student, said.

When Diez got back from Italy he was very happy because he could see his family and friends and he missed his city a lot, he especially missed Medellin`s climate because it already had started to be very cold over there.

“I think that it’s such a great experience for the kids, they learn new languages and even get to travel and see more places they have never gone to, when Diez first told me about this I was really excited because my daughter Amalia Diez had also done this before and she really enjoyed it.”

Juan Alberto Diez, Camilo Diez, dad said. Diez  thinks that if he would have had the chance to do it he would have definitely take it, even more now that he saw his kids how happy they were when they came back from the amazing six months trip to Italy.

“ I took the decision because my sister also went away for six months and she told me it was a very nice experience, and a very big opportunity that we had and we should take, I wanted some time off, I wanted to travel to learn a new language, to meet new cultures,” Camilo Diez, ex-TCS student, said.  

Diez was in verge of going to Italy or staying, but he finally said Yes to go to Italy because some previous family members had done the same experience and they loved it without a doubt.

“I started studying Mechatronic Engineering at La Escuela” Camilo Diez, ex-TCS student, said.

He is young and has an inspiring career that he wants to achieve, let’s hope he makes it.

“I saw Camilo very happy to be back home to see his friends and family, but I also saw him that he grew up as a person, also he learned to speak some Italian that of course would help him in his life.” Juan Alberto Diez, Camilo Diez, dad said.