Weekly Tiger #3


4th graders sing at the elementary talent show in the TCS Theater on April 26.

Last week, TCS held the annual talent show in elementary school, GIN workshops throughout the school, and high school students had a conference per grade about the dangers of drugs. 

  • This year’s elementary talent show had some tweaks where all of the auditions had something to do with music and dance, there were piano, singing, guitar, and dance performances. The talent show was a huge success in elementary school, kids were able to show their talents and spectators loved it. 
  • Leonardo Garcia, a specialist from Bogota gave an interactive conference with all  high school students and lectured about the negative effects of different types of drugs, and what long-term effects it has on the human body. He also spoke about alcohol and what it does to an adolecent’s body if consumed in the early years. He also reviewed percentages of the most consumed substances in Colombia. 
  • The ongoing GIN workshops in fifth-grade focus on cognitive inclusion. The GIN team made an activity in which the students had to learn a song with different mental limitations. Through these activities, the fifth graders learn to appreciate differences and promote inclusion.