The Scoop on Recoups


Lucas Henao

Discrete math students and teacher Agata Prymicz in their classroom. Descrete Math will be discontinued for SY 2023-24 and replaced with Data Science II.

The recoup schedule for underperforming students from June 9-14 will allow them to improve their grades before the end of the academic year.

As the academic year draws to a close, TCS aims to support struggling students by offering recoup sessions during the final week, from 8 am to 12:15 pm. Students with grades below 2 for quarter 4 or for the year must attend reassessment and re-teaching sessions. However, students who wish to avoid recouping and finish the year with good grades can employ various strategies to enhance their academic performance. This initiative reflects TCS’s commitment to ensuring that every student finishes the year on a strong note and maximizes their educational potential.

“The goal of recoups is to ensure that every student, including those who face challenges in school, is given a fair opportunity to succeed. We believe that every student deserves a chance to excel academically and progress to the next grade level. By providing targeted interventions and personalized assistance, we look to create an inclusive learning environment where every student can achieve their full potential.” Paul Navarra, HS Vice principal, said.

In an effort to address the academic needs of students, a comprehensive schedule of recoups has been implemented. As part of this initiative, teachers will personally communicate with each student to outline their individualized plan for academic recovery.

“In the TCS recoup system, teachers reach out to students, engaging in direct communication to understand their individual challenges and learning styles. By creating personalized recoup plans based on student feedback, teachers aim to provide the necessary support and resources for academic improvement. The plan is made according to their needs,” Laura Obeso, HS counselor, said.

In their commitment to helping students excel and avoid recoup sessions, teachers have devised a multifaceted approach that includes assessing students learning throughout the school year. By incorporating tests and other summative assignments, teachers aim to provide opportunities for students to demonstrate their grasp of the material and showcase their academic progress.

“For teachers, it is very important that the student is proactive, that they come up with a plan. When a student is this way, there can be some summative assessments or tests teachers can give so students can demonstrate their knowledge,” David Schas, Chemistry Teacher, said.

It is clear that the recoups of this year closely resemble those of the previous year, highlighting a remarkable similarity in schedule and days between the two periods.

“Last year I stayed in recoups and it really helped me catch up in my grades. I really like that the school implements recoups and gives opportunity to all students, and I hope this year is the same,” Nicolas Fajardo, Grade 11, said.

Creating a study plan and managing time effectively can also play a vital role in avoiding the need for recouping. Additionally, students are encouraged to seek support from classmates and form study groups to reinforce learning.

“I was going to recoup but in these last weeks I managed to catch up on everything by putting effort at home and creating a plan for each thing I had to do, and by talking with teachers I managed to not stay recouping,” Matias Isaza, Grade 11, said.

Recoup days might look different depending on the needs of each student. Some students will need to come to school for only one day, and others will need more days to finish their learning process.

“The purpose of these days is to provide an opportunity for students who have a grade below 2 in one or two classes for quarter 4 and/or for the year, to learn and show mastery of the standards they have not learned yet,” Juan David Lopez, HS Principal, said.