TCS Graduates Succeed in Entrepreneurial Life


Marymount and TCS students enjoying Back to Life, halloween party.

Sofia Nuñez, Social Media Editor

Simon Gonzalez, TCS graduate in 2016 reflects hard working skills during his college life.

Simon Gonzalez has been involved in the organization of social events while he studies administrative engineering in Escuela de Ingenieria. One of his big events is happening this Saturday 27, 2018.

“I am organizing massive events of parties and reunions all of this types of things, I started three years ago when I turned 18,”  Gonzalez said.

Simon has spent the last three years dedicating his time to studying and working. He uses the skills taught both in school and college to maximize the possibility of success in his entrepreneur life.

“The next event we have is the halloween party its name is back to life, it is one of the biggest events of the year that we host, it holds about 3,000 people,” Gonzales said.

Simon is involved in several big and significant projects that require hard work and dedication. People attending his halloween party are really looking forward for their expectations to be fulfilled.  

“I think it’s gonna be a fun day everybody is gonna go with what their gonna dress for halloween so i think it’s gonna be pretty cool pretty fun and we are gonna have a great time,” Pedro Jimenez, TCS 11th grade student attending Gonzalez’s event, said.

Besides the feeling of satisfaction that success brings to simon and his coworkers, he also expressed the biggest gain he received from working in this industry.

“Working with adults, all of the people that  i must see are people that are at least 40 years old so they have a lot of advantage over us but we have to get up into their level and this is one of the things that I appreciate the most,” Gonzalez said.