Robotics Team Recruiting Motivated Members

The Columbus School Robotics Team Lighting Blue Lizards (LBL) is recruiting for next year’s team and all high school students are eligible to join this award-winning team.

Applications are currently being accepted with presentations by team members covering benefits,  competitions, and more during HS Spanish classes. 

“We are starting to recruit people because we want to show our community the incredible opportunity they have and why they should take advantage of it,” Nicolas Yepes Senior member of LBL, said. 

Anyone can join LBL. Students do not need previous knowledge in any specific area, only a willingness to help and be part of the team. 

 “You do not need any knowledge, on the contrary, we want you to not have any knowledge like that we can educate all of our new members in the correct way and help them develop their skills,” Emilio Arango, Grade 11, said.

The robotics team brings many social work opportunities, meaning that by joining the team you will get a variety of events that most students don’t have, and be able to do your social service by doing something you enjoy. 

“Many people think that joining the robotics team is only doing things related to robotics, but there are many other things we do that many people don’t know of, the important thing is that everyone is willing to help and learn, like that we will be able to educate all of our members and grow our community as one of our main goals,” Camilo Correa, Grade 10, said.

LBL is the only team in Colombia that participates in First Robotics Competition, a worldwide robotics competition. One team goal is to grow the community and help the members of the team develop new skills.

 “Most of the students are ignoring such an opportunity when in reality this is not something that happens every day and that everyone can do. We are very lucky to have such an opportunity and most students are letting it go to waste,” Arango said.

The experience from this extracurricular is something like you’ve never seen before.No extracurricular activity flies to another country, nor works 6 days a week towards a goal.

“The experience is quite interesting, since as the creator said it is the hardest fun you will ever have, making us realize it is something totally new for us, something that we’ve never experienced, and that really caught my eye and made me join this great team,” Correa said.     

 20 new members attended Sponsor’s night on May 25 where they met new sponsors and shared ideas and expectations for next year.  

“Everyone is welcome to join and we will be waiting for all of you new members to join and become part of us. We count on you for the next Robotics Competition!” Arango said.