Preparing to win: Simon Correa

Catalina Vélez, Marketing Manager

Simon Correa, 11th grade TCS student, is training for really important tournaments he has. He represents Antioquia`s department, and is one of the few students the school allows to train and go to tournament during school time.
IMG academy is one of the most recognized academies on sports around the world. It is located in the united states of america, lots of professional sport players have gone to this academy. “I feel this was one of the best experiences I could have, it help me not only grow as a person but also as a Golfer,” Correa, said. Traveling without parents may not be easy, but when you are doing what you love it makes it less hard.
Correa is always trying to be better, not only as a golf player but also as a student. This is he’s backpack where he carries all of the stuff he needs not only in school but also outside school.
Correa ask his classmates for help, in this case Pedro Jimenez 11th grade student for some help, “Pedro I have a tournament this weekend, I will not have that much time after school to study. Can you explain me Pre- calc,” Simon Correa, 11th grade student, said.
Correa is a very responsible student. He not only ask classmates for help but also every time he has to skips school he makes sure he knows what he is supposed to do, to maintain his grades up sending all his teachers emails, he send one on October 17 to make sure he does all his work before his tournament this weekend at Llanogrande.
This is Correa`s place called the gym to train every day to make his shape and resistance better. This is in his living place, which makes it pretty easy for him to go. Knowing he has a tournament coming this weekend he’s going every day.
While Correa is in the gym he measures time, and how fast he’s heart is going to see how good he’s doing and if he is getting his physical resistance better. Clearly we can see the apple watch he uses while riding his bike which measure everything he wants to know.
Every time Correa trains he stretches before and after to make sure he doesn’t get injured.
This is where Correa trains actually playing golf, named Club el rodeo. This club has one of the best golf fields in medellin. “I feel really privileged to be part of this club, and be allow to train here each time we want,” Correa, said.
Correa has this swin to hit the ball that everybody admires. He is elegant and every day is hoping to get better. “I`ve been helping Simon for 2 years and each day I notice he gets better, he bases on actual professional golf players which is something not every golf player does and is actually pretty good ,” Julian Restrepo, Correas cady, said.
Correa always takes a look at the golf field before he starts playing to know how hard he need to hit the ball and witch direction. This is how Correa prepares for the tournament he has this weekend, to make sure he wins. “Being part of Antioquia`s representatives make me motivate more to do better every time,” Correa, said.