Middle School Goes Back to Their Roots


Graffiti art made in Spanish class by 6th Grade students as part of El dia de idioma celebration.

Nicolas Fajardo, Discoverer Staff Writer

After suffering for two years due to the pandemic, Middle School once again celebrated  La Semana del idioma April 23-28 with staff and students excited to be doing these celebratory events. 

This year the school celebrated both TCS’s 75th anniversary and honor the community’s native language: Spanish. The event was called Semana del Idioma and it offered several activities like panels, spelling bees, graffiti walls. 

All the activities that we are performing are meant to celebrate La semana del idioma and the school’s 75th year anniversary. We are mixing these two events and creating a very special celebration to make TCS proud”. Marta Lucia Vargas, MS Spanish teacher said.

MS celebrated La semana del Idioma with some new activities like a Spelling Bee, Conversatorio, and a  Graffiti art exhibit. 

This celebration occurs every year, thankfully this year we were able to do it on campus and not virtually as the past two years, that’s why it had much more planning and excitement than in the past years.” Marta Vargas explained. 

In past years each grade planned out their own activities, this time 6th, 7th, and 8th grade joined different ideas together that held a common purposes,  to celebrate TCS and its native language. At the end of the week ASOPAF gave away  premios aturno for the best activities . 

6th graders painted graffitis in relation to La semana del idioma and the 75th anniversary. All activities were related to that theme. 7th grade held a panel with Ezequiel Dellutri the author of the novel they read this year titled “Koi” for Spanish class. The grade 8s did a spelling bee in Spanish. At the end of the celebration an award was granted to each grade because of their special effort,” Vargas said.

The idea was developed by the MS Spanish and Sociales departments joining their efforts to make this a memorable event. The fact that local teachers joined efforts to do this makes it even more special as an honor to the Spanish language.

“The Spanish teachers really enjoyed being able to share this experience on campus again, because during the pandemic we had to do this event virtually and it wasn’t as fun and we couldn’t offer very much. This year we had a stage, a graffiti wall and many cool things that make the experience more memorable. We also felt very proud of the students who received the ASOPAF awards,” Fredy Augusto Mesa, 8th Grade Spanish Teacher, said.

While Spanish teachers students connected to enjoy the work and the activities the goal is to have a bigger celebration next year.  

“This was a very special occasion for the school, both events that were celebrated are important because they represent our reason for being as a community. I felt really honored to be a part of this planning and development because I have dedicated many years to accompany this institution through its growth,” Mesa said.