“Ley del Dos” affects The Columbus School Alumni


Escuela de Ingenieria students collaborating on their projects Students worked to create prototypes that helped disabled people and made their lives easier.

Sofia Nuñez, Social Media Editor

Mariana Restrepo, TCS Alumni of 2016, struggled through the stress that “Ley del Dos” causes in Escuela de Ingeniería students.

“Ley del Dos” is a law in EIA that states that regardless of your grades for the semester, if you fail the final exam of a class, you automatically fail the class. Mariana and many other students found themselves in a stressful position due to this rule, days before winter break started.

“I had this problem that in a final exam I got a 1.5… but after talking with the teacher and everyone like fighting against that because the test was really poorly made and poorly graded… after speaking with everyone and trying to talk with the dean, we ended up getting more than a 2 in the exam,” Restrepo said.

The rule can be drastic in deciding whether a student passes the class or not, and it also serves as an incentive for studying.

“This has shown in my university that people are more prepared towards the end, and they actually learn the last month of classes… but I also do not like it because if I get lower than a 2 i’m going to fail a class I did not need to fail,” Restrepo said.

Students feel the pressure that this law imposes in their university life, but some teachers agree with the unfairness of it.

“I do notice that some teachers don’t agree with this law because it is not fair that students fail just because of one single grade,” Juliana Jaramillo, EIA student, said.

The efforts of a student are reflected throughout the whole semester, and passing the class is being determined by one single test.

“I believe that if a student has kept a really good grade in a class up until the final exam it’s not fair that they have to repeat a class just because they get a grade lower than 2 if they have done a really good job the entire semester,” Jaramillo said.