Senior Walk a Success, Finally


Members of the Class of ’22 are greeted by elementary school students during the traditional Senior Walk on May 27.

The traditional Senior Walk through the school originally scheduled for May 13 finally took place on May 27 and included both the walk through the school and an assembly in the Intermediate Coliseum.

The Senior prank on May 26 got out of control and ended with broken computers and ripped backpacks after members of the Class of ’22 padlocked dozens of student backpacks together during lunch. The school responded by canceling the Senior Walk, which was only held after the students responsible for the damage made amends and apologized. 

“I believe it was canceled because of the senior prank, what we did got out of control and the school decided to cancel our last day because they didn’t feel it was fair to celebrate after that type of behavior,” Nicolas Escobar, Senior, said.

The Senior Walk is usually the last event for seniors before the ISC Fair. The purpose of the walk is to remember past years in school and say thank you to everyone that has been a part of the student process at school.

“I think that the main reason is to have the opportunity for both the Seniors and the educational community of the School to celebrate the closing of a great process and say goodbye to each other,” Andres Rendon, Senior Counselor, said. 

The senior prank is a tradition that has been going on for years now at TCS, this time they tied all the backpacks with locks and made a pile. 

“It’s a prank planned by the Seniors that is usually harmless and brings laughter and joy to the community,” Rendon said. 

However, this time the prank did not go as planned. Seniors tied all the student’s backpacks together with locks and hid the keys. There was some material damage and relationship damage when students began jumping on he piles of backpacks.

“There were computers damaged and many backpacks were needed to cut and were also damaged. It’s really sad to see that the last day of school was canceled because of this prank,” Escobar said.

Superintendent Ruth Allen along with High School Principal Juan David Lopez called an extraordinary assembly to inform the Seniors that their last day and the farewell walk were canceled along with other consequences to repair damages. 

“I thought it was going to be awesome, so I was super disappointed that we had to cancel it even though I think it was the right decision,” Paul Navarra, HS Vice-principal, said.

 This cancellation brought immense sadness to the students and the community, but also it helped set a precedent to future classes in terms of behavior expectations.

“I would’ve loved to leave the school by doing the walk, greeting teachers and other members of the community one last time, but I understand the school’s decision and why some people were angry. There is nothing we can do now but wait for something to be rescheduled,” Escobar said.