K5 is prepared in case of a fire, are you?


Maria Claudia Marín

K5 students enjoy the water splashes by the fire truck.

Antonia Gaviria, The Discoverer Staff

After a visit to the fire station, the K5 students of TCS learned the importance and steps of what to do if there should be an occurrence of a fire.

After their visit, the children learned a song, had more learning on the distinctive types of suits, on what to do in the event of a fire, did a simulation on it and had an awesome time becoming more familiar with the fire truck by playing with the hoses.

“With no setbacks, the first thing they did with the kids was present a video, teaching them a song about the fireman, then they explained the different types of suits that they use to put out fire; there’s a suit for forest fires, there’s a suit for city fires and they also showed them the suit they use to control bees or wasps that’s a special suit.” Maria Claudia Marín K5C teacher at TCS.

To recognize what to do in case of a fire is critical, and it’s better learned at a young age to create awareness, in case of an event such as a fire. Fires don’t have a calendar so it’s better to be prepared than sorry.

“They had a simulation because the fireman considers that’s very important for the kids to know that if there’s a fire, the first thing they should do is drop and crawl, this helps prevent being suffocated by the smoke,” Marín continues to tell us about the simulation. “They had a tunnel in which artificial smoke was introduced [to simulate a situation that the kids would face in the occurrence of a fire] and they had to go through the tunnel crawling.”

Learning can be tiring so the K5 students got rewarded by being splashed with water by the fire truck.

“What the kids were the most excited for was when they took out the fire truck and with the pressure hose got sprayed with water. They had bathing suits under their clothing,” Marín stated.

As children, playing is usually the part that they enjoy the most. Overlooking the fact that getting wet wasn’t the purpose of this adventure it was definitely the most memorable part.

“I liked changing [my clothes] in the fireman’s room, getting wet and seeing the dog Marta,”Amalia gómez K5B student at TCS. “My favorite part was the firetrucks!” martín Villegas K5B student at TCS added.

With all the fun, it’s easy to overlook the learning but when something is essential, it will be remembered forever.

“They showed us what they wore, they needed vests and boots to be protected from the fire,” K5B student at TCS Camila Trujillo.

“I liked the trucks, when I got wet and I enjoyed Marta the dog. I want to be a fireman when I grow up! ” Matías Macía K5B student at TCS.