K4 Parents Interested in the TCS

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The school years is about to end but also there’s a whole new one about to start. Which means new students and another generation added: the K4 kids. Many parents are interested in getting their kids into The Columbus School

Kids enter K4 at the age of 4 but the parents start filling the paper two or three years before so they can assure that their kid will have a spot in the TCS community.

“I recall the time when they called us and told us the great news that our daughter was accepted to studied at The Columbus School we were really happy and excited that she made it,” said Ana Isabel Piedrahita, mom of a current TCS student.

Many school graduates are interested in having their kids also study at the TCS. At The Columbus School there can be seen many of the parents of the TCS community are graduates.

“I studied at The Columbus School a long time ago and i remember  the school being a great school and having great memories and achievements and i would really  want my children to follow the same steps as i did,” said Amalia  Piedrahita mom of a soon to be TCS student.

The main reason why parents want their children to be part of The Columbus School is because of the quality education and how strong the English is and how much this helps them in the future.

“My parents always tell  me that the reason they wanted me to study at The Columbus School  is because students graduate contacted with some of the most influential people in the country, also because the school mainly focuses  on forming good people and citizens of the world,” said Antonia Velasquez, 11th grade student.

Graduates recall having a great memories of their  childhood and adolescence at The Columbus School and they will like their kids to feel and create similar or greater memories.

“I really love the school and its traditions like San Andres, and having awesome memories…school years the best years of my life,” said Juan Carlos Velasquez TCS graduate