HS offers 4 new electives for 2022-23


Student prepare for an AP Calculus exam in Gabriel Passentino’s class.

Four new elective classes AP Art 2D, AP Statistics, Data Science, and AP Physics in high school will be introduced in August to offer more options to students.  

Many students have already registered for these classes. AP Art 2D will have 19 students, AP Statistics 12, Data Science 71 and AP Physics  35.

“The choice of subjects I see is that they generated a lot of motivation, we see a very positive result in the interest of the students in taking these classes,” Ana Garcia, HS Counselor, said. 

TCS keeps expanding its AP and regular class options giving students the opportunity to choose classes depending on their future goals and ambitions.

It benefits them because they are given a strict and rigorous curriculum that it is what we want students to take advantage of,” Garcia said.

Applying AP Statistics for 11 and 12th-grade students as an elective class was a project that TCS looked to do long ago. This type of math has a major focus on topics such as data patterns and how numbers actually work in real-life situations. 

I think the class will have a big impact relatable to what they’re seeing in their lives, especially as things like crypto and all of those different types of currencies are coming in,” Crystal Mouland, AP Statistics Teacher, said.

AP Art 2D will offer students the opportunity to master their skills in art concepts. With the purpose of facilitating the process of college application outside and inside the country in architecture, fashion, design films, or artistic schools for those students who wish to apply. The fact that this is an AP class is a great advantage in the process due to the high academic level of the class.

The students expressed that they wanted to get more opportunities, go beyond their knowledge in art, most of them interested in the class are trained to apply to some universities” Sofia Arcila, AP Art, and Design, said.

HS math department had a curriculum review in which they analyzed the courses being offered, looking up to see what other math courses could be added that other schools provide. Finally, the department concluded that data science could be an excellent option for next year’s school calendar.

 We looked at what we were offering and what we´re doing in our courses in order to have some changes that provide more options to students,” Gabriela Passentino, AP Data Science Teacher, said.

Next year ninth grade starts with an extra group. Each year, a sixth class will be added to each grade until the next ninth class reaches 12. This means that in the end, high school will have approximately 80 more students.

“We have like that sixth group coming in, like in the ninth grade, so we have more students. So what that means is basically we can have some more options,” Passantino said.