HS Girls Soccer Undefeated in Copa Seniors


The Seniors’ Cup championship trophy won by the TCS Girls HS Soccer Team at Colegio Marymount on May 20.

HS Girls Soccer Team defeated hosts Colegio Marymount 1-0 in the final of the Copa Seniors tournament on May 20. 

The winning goal was scored in the second half of the game by the 9th Grader Manuela Villa ending an exhausting, but ultimately victorious run of matches. 

“I’m very proud of the team, we played a very good tournament although it wasn’t easy, we worked as a team and that showed up on the results,” Juliana Mira, Senior, said”

During the second half, captain Juliana Mira passed the ball to Manuela Villa who was placed in front of the goal which allowed her to directly score the only goal in the game.

“When Juli passed me the ball I thought I was not going to be able to kick it because the ball was bouncing. But I tried one of the techniques that we practice a lot in the training and shot to the left corner of the goal giving us the win,” Villa said.

To get to the semi-final, TCS defeated both Colegio Cumbres 2-0 and Colegio Marymount 4-0. 

“They were hard games due to the fact that we didn’t have any extra players, so playing 2 matches in one day was very exhausting for us but we gave it all on the field and we had a very good result, that t00k us to the semifinal,” Ana Sofia Correa, Grade 10, said. 

In the semi-finals TCS defeated Colegio Montessori 2-1. During the first half, Columbus scored. In the  second half, Montessori tied it up before TCS scored the match winner minutes before the end of the game. 

“We started playing the first half of the match very motivated and confident that we were going to win, and we scored a goal. But then initiating the second half Montessori scored a goal, but we didn’t give up, we continued to play very good and more focused games, scoring the second goal,” Sofia Gaviria, Grade 11, said.

The school’s team had played two tournaments the same week as the Senior Cup, which led many to believe that despite the fatigue, the team did an impressive job, as they managed to play two tournaments at the same time, taking the victory in the Senior Cup.

“It was difficult to play every single game, many players had injuries and were fatigued, but all that disappeared every time we entered the field. We knew that we had to win and maintained focus,” Correa, said. 

Several of the team members stated that they were motivated to win the cup by two factors; playing the captain Juliana Mira’s last tournament, and getting the coach, Chapo, to paint his hair as the team desired, reason as for the coach later painted his hair blue.

“This year I motivated the team with a challenge. If they won the tournament all the girls could bleach my hair the color they choose, and I finished the week with blue hair,” Hernan Arango, Girls Socer Coach, said.