Damaged Chromebooks Create Concern

Scratched Chromebook in clasroom at TCS

Andres Lopera, Discoverer Staff Writer

Each day more and more Chromebooks are getting returned to the office in bad condition, generating a problem for both staff time and students’ learning.

Missing keys, damaged screens, and stuck trackpads are just some of the problems the school’s Chromebooks are having after students are done with them. Tech 911 has to constantly come into the high school building to try to fix students doing these computers, creating not only an interruption in techs 911 day but affecting students’ day to day learning.

“We are getting these types of calls almost every day now and it’s really frustrating to see students having this kind of behavior.” Santiago Henao, Tech 911 employee said.

The problem has gotten to a point where the office secretaries have to sign the Chromebook sign-up sheet themselves for students in order to keep track of who has what Chromebook in case of damages.

“It’s saddening to see students waste the privilege very few people have to access computers for school and purposely damage them” Natalia Giraldo, High School secretary, said.

A very big factor in this recurring issue is that if Secretaries don’t have the record of who did the damage, they have to pay for the damage themselves from their own pocket, meaning the secretaries end up taking up the blame for students.

“Unfortunately if after an investigation to determine the responsibility for the damage or loss, secretaries would be held accountable.” Santiago Henao, Tech 911 employee, said.

Sometimes the problem is not even damaged Chromebooks, but missing ones. Chromebooks mysteriously disappear and without a clear record, it is almost impossible to figure out who has it, making the secretaries worry.

“Last month a Chromebook went missing and it was nowhere to be found. We were gonna have to pay it by making a raffle coming from our own money,” Katherine Jurado, High school secretary said.

This event has not only been affecting staff but also students. Multiple students report problems with their Chromebook on a daily basis and how sometimes it’s not even possible for them to work or do tests having an impact on their overall learning.

Two weeks ago I had a test and I couldn’t do it in time because the Chromebook mouse kept getting stuck, I’m never borrowing those Chromebooks again.”, Tomas Arcila, Grade 11, said.

Overall the problems with Chromebooks have not only impacted students and tech 911, but our secretaries that are providing students with service. Learning and time have also been negatively impacted and if students want this service to keep existing, a change and commitment have to be made by everyone.

“I know our students can change. I have faith that they will realize the value and privilege they have with these computers and use them to everyone’s advantage,” Jurado said.