Columbus Girls futbol crowned Copa Columbus champs


The TCS Girls futbol team in action on April 8. The team defeated Colegio Theodoro Hertzl 5-0 in the finals.

Camila Pelaez and Tomas Saldarriaga

The Columbus School girls soccer team defeated Colegio Theodoro Hertzl in Copa Columbus’s final score of 5-0 on the auxiliary field on April 8. 

The TCS team didn’t have significant struggles as they won all the matches by a difference of multiple goals. The first half-time against Theodoro was hard, but they overcame the difficulties and ended as champions. 

¨I think it was a very good match. We had a lot of confidence in ourselves, we knew we were going to win, but that played against us. Chapo, our coach, gave us a motivational speech leading us to give it all in the second half of the game and win the competition,¨ Maria Camila Agudelo, Grade 10, said.

After two years of pandemic Copa Columbus finally takes place at the campus. Four matches were played between the three teams participants in girl soccer: Theodoro, Cumbres, and Columbus. The champions were the home team with 14 goals in their favor. 

“Participating in sporting events again is too exciting because it’s my last year as a senior, so it feels very gratifying to be able to play the tournament. I want to win the cup, and I see it as possible. I also consider that beyond the result, it is an event that fosters teamwork. We develop important values such as responsibility and respect, ” Juliana Mira, Girls Futbol Team Captain, said. 

The tournament consisted of 2 phases, the first one in which the three teams played all against all one round with two periods of 25 minutes in a row. The second phase was the final in #1 of the Group vs. #2, played for two periods of 30 minutes in a row. Unfortunately, due to the results of the first day games, Cumbres was cut out of the competition resulting in the final match between Columbus and Theodoro. 

“It seems to me that everything went very well, I see all the teams very happy, the programs in women’s soccer went very well, it seems to me that although in other sports it was suddenly a little delayed since there were more teams, the logistics It’s been very well organized,” Mariana Mesa, TCS Goalkeeper, said.

The girl’s soccer championship began at 9:00 am with the first match Columbus vs. Cumbres. There was a clear dominance of the ball from the TCS team, and the following was reflected in the final score being 5-0, Columbus winning. For girls soccer, the three teams participating were Columbus, Cumbres, and Theodoro Hertzl. 

“Today they played well, first because they won both games and second because they started a little nervous but managed to dominate the game. In the beginning, they were very airtight, making bad passes, or they were not passing the ball to their teammate, but finally, I feel pleased and proud, and we are going for that final,” Chapo Arango, Columbus Girls Futbol Coach, said.

The first day of Copa was wrapped up with the second game of the day for the Columbus team against Theodoro Hertzl, the first half of the match was hard-fought, but the final score was 4-1, the home team winning. Miranda, with number 34, scored for Theodoro, while Juliana Mira, Grade 12, scored two goals and Helena Hoyos, 11th grade, and Manuela Villa, grade 9, scored another two. 

“Until now, we are playing well, and the team is focused. Fortunately, we won both games, and again, although there was a change in the line-up at the beginning. Although it took us a while to get the shot, I think we can control and touch the ball more for tomorrow’s final because the field is very wet; everything else is fine,” Mira said.

April 8, 2022, was the second day of Copa Columbus, in which the girl’s soccer final took place at 11:00 am. The Columbus team played against Theodoro Hertzl’s team and won the championship game. The Columbus team had multiple star players, but one that stood out in the final match was Valentina Garces, a midfield player who scored 4 of the five goals. 

“It was a very cool event, and it was a place where we could integrate as a team. It has been a slightly difficult process because we have not understood very well, but we have formed a family over time, leading us to be champions. The final was a match that we enjoyed much more than a hard-fought victory; I am very proud of our team,” Garces said.