College Fair offers introduction to Medellín universities


Juan Esteban Perez, Grade 11, listens to a presentation by a representative of EAFIT University on the Boardwalk January 26.

A college fair took place in TCS High School on January 26 with 7 local universities  presenting their academic offerings to aspiring juniors and seniors.

Dina Rechani, the High School College Counselor organized the event for EIA, CES, EAFIT, Pontificia Bolivariana, Universidad de Medellín, Colegiatura, and Unilasallista visiting the school during X-Block. Seniors attended the college fair at 10:45 a.m. without going to advisory, while 10th and 11th graders went to advisory, and later, if interested, could go to the fair.

“It’s always good to get exposure to different colleges, especially for those students that are planning on staying in Medellin. This is their chance to see what universities are here in the city and which ones they might want to study at,” Brian Summers, AP Teacher and College Counselor, said.

On the day of the fair, the seven universities came with brochures and information about undergraduate programs, extracurriculars, activities, exchange programs, and more. 

“I think that it’s great that we can see the many options our city has to offer for higher education. I got to know many different degrees in some Universities I didn’t know much about, and you get to know lots of information you can’t get with online research,” Senior Helena Hoyos said. 

The line at EAFIT university was the longest, with many students looking to apply for various programs. The university stand featured an interactive virtual reality program which sparked many of the visitors’ attention. 

“This event was very informative. I want to study economics or law and the programs in EAFIT are very popular, as you can tell with the large group of students huddled around their stand,” Emiliana Gomez, Grade 11, said. 

Many 11th graders said that they knew nothing about universities in Medellín, and that many of the names were new to them, specifically Universidad de Medellin and Unilasallista. These students will have an opportunity to participate again in the fair next year.

“I wanted to know more about colleges available in Medellin. To be honest, out of the universities here, I only knew about EAFIT and EIA, because of TCS graduates who are currently attending them,” Maria Echeverri, Grade 11, said.

The college fair gathered a big crowd of attendees. Many of the students carried brochures throughout the rest of the day, and expressed their gratitude towards Dina Rechani, the High School College counselor for organizing the event.

“Many seniors are staying in Colombia, specifically Medellín. I think expanding our horizons and exploring different university options specializing in the specific degree we want to study is important, and fairs like this give us excitement and anticipation for what is to come,” Hoyos said.