Bonding In The Heights


Sports course set-up in Parque Arví

Maria del Mar Álvarez , High School News Editor

The adventure-centered 11th grade convivencia was held on Parque Arvi on November 11 to ignite a sense of union and friendship between students. 

Both teachers and students had the chance to participate in the different level rope courses which involved canopies, ladders, climbing, and a free-fall.

“It’s a very good experience, I like that there are different levels you can try going from the family, sports to advanced, I have done the advanced a couple of times but it is too scary, to high up in the air,” Bill Beauchamp, Physics Teacher, said. 

Participants could choose between two different level courses. The extreme course with 8 sections which included free-fall jumps and adrenaline-focused activities. While the sports course was a medium-level difficulty circuit with a longer duration of 23 sections. 

“I felt that choosing the sports course was the best decision especially because all my friends chose that circuit and the whole purpose of the convivencia was to be having fun with them,” Emiliana Gomez, Grade 11, said. 

Students highlighted the extreme course’s rope swing from the height, the long canopy ride in the sports course and the metro-cable trip. 

“I felt the adrenaline running through my veins and a huge hole in my stomach while gliding through the rope. It was the best and most fun activity of all,” Martin Ochoa, Grade 11, said. 

Opinions varied among students regarding how effective the convivencia was. Some believe they had more time to enjoy and get to know their friends while other say there were evident group divisions.  

“Even though I had a lot of fun in the convivencia and I was able to be with multiple groups of friends, most of them I already knew. I wish I could’ve had the opportunity to be with other students that weren’t close to me,” Mariana Mesa, Grade 11, said. 

Students met at the Estación El Poblado at 7:30 am then took line A, K and L of the Metro to Parque Arví. After completing the courses and having lunch in the park, students rode in buses with their advisory groups and came back to school at 2:30 pm. 

“I had a lot of fun riding in the Metrocable with my friend group. We were all joking about how high it was. Also, I was very amazed with the views that surrounded us, it was surreal,” Gomez said.  

Before the rope circuits, all participants had to go through a short training course in order to be tested in their understanding of security measures. Students who did not pass the test would have to do the beginning family course. Still, none of the students performed the easiest course. 

“I believe that it is very formative in the sense of following rules and also a funny experience of yelling, climbing, being around friends, it is all an amazing experience,” Laura Obeso, Grade 11 Counselor, said.