A Combination of Culture and Burgers

Tomás Díez, Freelance Writer

Finding a burger place with a nice theme is common, but finding a burger place with an excellent burger, and great customer service as well is incredibly rare. Here in Medellin, Barrio Burger offers some of the best burgers in town, full of culture with a wide variety of options for your meal.

If you’re looking for a great burger in El Poblado, Barrio Burger is the place to go. Besides its immense variety of options and  the quality of the food is incredible. The most visited location of Barrio is in Zona Dos Sur. This is due to the accessibility and large number of parking options available, making the location welcoming for all. 

The biggest factor in what makes a good burger is the meat. In Barrio, the quality is immaculate, due to the fact they use prime angus beef. How fresh the vegetables are and a toasted, tasty bun are also key in a good burger. In Barrio, these traits are taken care of. Crispy french fries are served with the burger along with their original sauce. The excellent flavor in the sauce is so beloved by the clients that it is offered on the menu for them to take home. In comparison to other burger restaurants in Medellin, such as Clap Burgers, Barrio has a higher rating by the local food critics, topping every fast food restaurant in the city.

The atmosphere and ambiance of the restaurant is attractive to the public. It is a spot where the customer can breathe fresh air, not completely overwhelmed by smells from the kitchen. There is a huge balcony that brings in a nice breeze to the place. The aesthetic is a combination of a modern, elegant restaurant and a classic american diner. However, many burger places in Medellin follow the same decoration trends. Train station, located in La 10, is also well decorated. However, the fact that the restaurant is surrounded by traffic, worsens the dining experience, lacking the peace and tranquility you can find in Barrio.

Barrio’s menu is full of creative ideas, as each burger is named after a district or barrio in Medellin with its own unique ingredients. For example, “La Aguacatala”, one of the most popular burgers, has avocado as its main ingredient due to the fact that Aguacate sounds similar to Aguacatala. Unlike Chef Burger, another popular chain restaurant in the city, where the burger menu is classical and traditional, makes ordering at Barrio a fun experience. The menu stands out from others, making it a big staple of the restaurant.

When the customer is ready to leave, the check is delivered easily and rapidly. The price depends on your order, the quality of such, and other factors such as drinks. It can be considered a little overpriced for some, and there are definitely many other cheaper options in Medellin. However, as a customer at Barrio you can get unlimited refills. To me, the price is completely fair for what you get. 

If you are looking for the perfect burger in El Poblado, Barrio Burger is the place to go, due to its quality burgers, the great environment, the amazing service, and the ideal price.