Students Are Not Satisfied with Healthy Cafeteria


All natural section in the cafeteria.

Emilio Mora Serani, Discoverer Editor

Some High School Students are not pleased with the new face of the healthy cafeteria that started at the beginning of the school year.

These students believe that the cafeteria should sell more variety of food based on the student’s choice; being healthy is everyone’s own decision, it is not something the school should be able to control.They argue that the school should worry more about academics and not health.

“Maybe, the school should worry more about educating and less about what students eat and don’t eat,” Simon Correa, semi-professional golf player and student at The Columbus School, said.

Education at the TCS has decreased its ranking based on the ICFES (Instituto Colombiano para el Fomento de la Educación Superior). To be one of the top 5 more expensive schools in Colombia and be lower than the 100 places on the ICFES is a clear problem in education.

“The school’s main focus should just and only be our education instead of health, I mean, that’s why we come to school,” Correa, said.

Other students like Felipe Hernandez, semi-professional tennis player and student at The Columbus School, argue that The Columbus school is not even in the top 10 schools with the best English on Colombia, and it is clearly something that the school should worry more about. These students don’t even feel tempted to buy healthy products.

“I’ve never tasted anything from the section because it is not provocative.” Correa, said.

Felipe Hernandez thinks that it is not only because students don’t want to eat healthily, but also because of the healthy food that Servi Express sells is not tasty or pleasing for students to eat.

“I don’t support the all natural section in the cafeteria because I believe that the school is putting a lot of restrictions on what we can eat. Not all people like to eat healthily and are not interested in being healthy,” Valeria Ochoa, a 12th-grade student, said.

Everyone’s purpose in the school and in the world is different from others, some decide to eat unhealthily and eat junk food, and other decide to eat healthily. The Columbus School just offer one option. Being Healthy.

“They should at least take into consideration the students opinions because this is a school and not a monarchy, it is not actually helping the students,” Valeria Ochoa, said.

The Columbus School is supposedly a school opened to opinión and to self-expressing yourself in your own way. In this aspect, the school is not following its ideals and actual rules.

“We are old enough to know what we can eat and the quantity we can eat of something, it is not the schools’ responsibility to tell us what to eat and what not to eat!” Valeria Ochoa, said.

Betty, a worker at The Columbus School cafeteria, sells healthy food to the students daily.