La Maga Bakery Offers Diverse Options

La Maga bakery serves variations of foods that clients enjoy at Parque La Reserva, located in Medellin.

Manuela Molina, Discoverer Staff Writer

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  • La Maga bakery serves different variation of food to clients in their Medellin shop,located in Las Palmas.

  • Amaga´s bakery allows customers to see their products. They make daily healthy and normal goods in their open kitchen allow clients to see their true aspect.

  • The shop displays an open concept with many tables. The designer allowed clients to enjoy the space by adding windows and letting the natural light come through.

  • La Maga bakery has a display of products at the front door. They serve different brand products for customers they can be found all over the store.”Clients like to visit us not only for our products, but they can come here and buy what they please”Bibiana,a bakery employe, said.

  • The bakery sells different brand products. Huevos Dias are the eggs that the bakery consumes, they implement them in their egg recipes. “I like to eat in a place where my food it's as natural and conscious as possible”Natalia Zapata,a customer, said.

  • The site also implements clothing items ate the back of their store. La Mosca ,a local store has a franchise in the store that allows customers to shop in the bakery.”The bakery has lots of curious things and a variety of options, it's always fun to check around the store and see different clothes or food” Susana Posada,a client,said.

  • The store implements diffrent food brands. Pergamino is a different coffee sold in the store because La Maga supports the product they sell to customers, securing it's a quality brand.

  • Clip board menus are the presentation of the store. The shop provides a menu at different times of the day such as breakfast, lunch and dinner because its not only a bakery but it is a restaurant that you can sit down relax and enjoy. “Our customers enjoy all of our food since we serve different products than other bakeries.We serve pizza,sandwich,toasts,different drinking options and much more” Bibiana,said.

  • Many pastries are found in the store. The shop includes not only pastries but they also have cakes, they can sell the slice or the whole dessert.

  • A display of goods are shown in the counter.Clients can take store cuisine home and enjoy them anytime since they are nicely packed and delivered.