Liceo Ingles takes the ACCAS Volleyball trophy


Samuel Aristizabal, Discoverer Staff Writer

Colegio Liceo Ingles defeated Gimnasio Ingles 3 sets to 0 to take home the 2022 Binational Boys Volleyball championship in the TCS Coliseum on April 30.

Fundacion Liceo Ingles took the trophy after a series of victories thanks to better defense and a more vigorous offensive. Gimnacio Ingles struggled in the last two sets losing 25-21 and 25-17. Colegio Nueva Granada defeated Bolívar in the match for 3rd place. On the other hand, the TCS team advanced to the semi-finals.

“The final was very competitive, I loved seeing how my team had an advantage over the other team, it was a difficult job and even more so after the pandemic, but thanks to the sacrifices we were able to achieve the objectives we expected,” Jeronimo Cardona, Grade 10, said. 

The final game went to a third set after being tied in sets 1-1. Points were hard to score because both teams had significant attacks. Colegio Ingles had a disadvantage without secondary players who could replace the fatigued ones.

“The resistance they have is incredible since the team played with the same players every game” Miguel Pineda, wing spiker, Liceo Inglés said.

 The teams that participated in boy’s Volleyball Binationals were: Columbus, Bolivar, Granadino, CNG, Bolivar, and Fundacion Liceo Ingles. The competition ended with Colegio Liceo Ingles as the champion,  GI in second place, and CNG as third, followed by TCS.

“The tournament was really intense, the best tournament that the school has had. You could really feel the pressure of the public cheering you on, you could feel how your team depended on you,” Santiago Zuluaga, Grade 10, said. 

Even though the TCS didn’t get to the finals, the strategies and the way the team blocked, shot, and defended surprised many people, and gave a big hope to the team for the next tournament.

“Unfortunately we couldn’t reach the final, and I think we could have won the championship, we lacked communication and concentration, and overall we did an outstanding job as a team.” Anibal Gaviria, TCS Volleyball coach, said.

In the qualifying round, TCS fell to the GI in a highly contested match with the first set won by GI 25-19. Columbus needed to sweep 2 sets but wasn’t able by 2 points Finally, Colegio Ingles won 35-33 and advanced to the Finals.

 “Communication is the most important factor that a team needs, and it is something that the TCS needs to work and improve.” Geronimo Botero, Grade 10, said.