Viva Envigado Opens Doors to Medellin

Envigado is the new host of the biggest mall in Latin America, Viva Envigado.

Envigado is the new host of the biggest mall in Latin America, Viva Envigado.

Emilio Mora Serani, Discoverer Editor

The new Viva Envigado mall encompancess everything from shopping, necessities, luxuries, gastronomic experience, and entertainment accessible for everyone.

Apart from being the biggest shopping mall in latin america, it is in my opinion the finest of them all. Viva Envigado counts with attractions, shopping, and a gigantic quantity of restaurant options. What I liked the most from the new mall in Envigado, Antioquia, Colombia is it’s broad corridors. It is a mall with 137,000 square meters of shopping area and 260,000 of built area. Viva is expected to be the mall with the biggest capacity of people in the continent. When I went my first time, the mall was recently opened which expected an enormous quantity of people, even if there where a lot of people, the mall seemed empty. Commodity is clearly something that its architect analyzed and planned so that its customers feel fulfilled.

Viva Envigado, apart from attracting tourists, encouraging sports, and spreading fun to everyone who visits it, generated more than 3,000 jobs and 6,000 during its construction in the Aburra Valley. The gastronomic experience in Viva Envigado is something that everyone from the Aburra Valley should experience. Making it economically affordable for all Viva offers fast food options, formal restaurant options, desserts, and appetizers.

Viva Envigado counts with many attractions for everyone in the family. One of the most visited is “La Jaula del Angel”, “La Jaula del Angel” is a place that counts with more than 5 8×8 soccer fields and 1 sand volleyball field were everyone can rent and play with family and friends. It is opened 360 days of the year. The price for an hour per field is approximately 170,000 colombian pesos which are 54 US dollars, this soccer fields are incredibly accessible for people from every social class. If 16 people can play, the price per person would be approximately 10,600 colombian pesos or 3 dollars and 37 cents. Another attraction is “Cine Colombia’s” iMax. Cine Colombia is a movie theater company through all Colombia where the only iMax they have is on the Aburra Valley, this attracts many tourists and locals.

Apart from movie theaters, and sport options, they also offer “Happy City’s” services which is an amusement park  for the younger. Apart from including everything said before, it also has other options such as: Arcade Zone, Elastic canvases so you do not stop jumping, Playground where the little ones have their special place, Inflatable area of obstacles and challenges for you to demonstrate your ability, Meshes to climb and access suspension bridges that allow you to explore Viva Park, slides with tires so you can slip for fun, Tricycles: giant family tricycles, Bumper trolleys, Drop Tower, Chicago Wheel, and Wet Zones: Jump to the interactive source and enjoy a refreshing audiovisual show.

Viva counts with more than 3,000 parking lots and it is connected to Medellin metro system (SITVA), transportation to the mall from all the Aburra Valley is very simple do to the perfect planification done by the constructor “Arquitectura y Concreto”. Viva Envigado counts with stores that can favor people from every social class from american stores to cheap stores starting a new business. Apart from having excruciating details that favor everyone, the mall is also placed ideally in the center of Envigado and in a very visited place in the Aburra Valley. Envigado was a town with a huge lack of malls, it only had 2 malls: “San Sebastiana Mall” and “Centro Comercial City Plaza”. This two malls are good malls with considerable stores, but in Envigado there was nothing close to the quality, size, and accessibility of Viva Envigado.

Santa Fe is a mall in Medellín, Colombia. It is the biggest mall in Medellín, even though Viva Envigado is bigger. Santa Fe is a mall full of stores, attractions, shows, and crowded of entertainment; even though it is an incredible mall in the city of Medellín, people don’t enjoy it as much because of many reasons such as: corridor spaces, parking lots, and accessibility to the mall. Being Medellín’s biggest mall has an enormous responsibility of receiving a big quantity of people. Santa Fe’s constructors didn’t analyzed this as an important situation and at the end it became a nightmare, when Santa Fe is crowded on a saturday, mobility s extremely difficult. Parking lots in Santa Fe are not sufficient for the people that fit on the mall. Last but not least, accessibility, it is not good placed mall because public transportation to get there is not the best quality or the easiest to use. El Poblado is a very rich sector in Medellín, probably the richest, this mall basically offers service for the more fortunate but it is not as reachable for the least fortunate.