TCS Boys Futbol triumphs in ACCAS Invitational Tournament


TCS goes head to head against Colegio Bolivar in the ACCAS Futbol Tournament. TCS took home the championship defeating Bolivar 3-0 in the finals.

TCS Boys Futbol team beat Colegio Bolívar 3-0 in the finals of the ACCAS tournament on the main futbol pitch April 30. 

Two goals were scored by freshman Samuel Zuñiga, and the other goal by senior Juan Pablo Perez. Gimnasio Ingles of Armenia placed 3rd beating Colegio Nueva Granada 2-0. TCS was first place overall in group play with one defeat and one draw. 

“I’m very proud of the team, we work very hard for this tournament and we give it our all. Through the games the team showed very strong and from the first match against Bolivar that ended 3-1 I knew we had a good chance of going to the finals and winning,” Juan Pablo Perez, Senior, said. 

In the first half Senior Nicolo Ranni took a free kick which Samuel Zuñiga, Grade 9, volleyed first time into the back of the net. 

“I didn’t really think through it, I just saw the ball coming and tried to hit it. I was surprised it turned out this good,” Zuñiga said.

In the second half of the game, a foul inside the area was committed by the opposing team on Alejandro Molina. The decision of who takes the penalty is always a problem, but Juan P. Perez felt more confident and took it and scored a very well positioned kick.

“I was going to take the penalty but JuanPa was closer than me to being the highest goal scorer of the tournament, that is why i let him take it,” Alejandro Molina, Grade 11, said.

Both teams were missing key players with Bolivar midfielder Tomas Mosquera injured and TCS striker Pablo Arrubla suspended due to a red card earned in their game against Liceo Ingles.

“I got kicked out of the game for allegedly spitting on a player from the other team, but I never spit on him. I felt confused, it generated helplessness and anger because I couldn’t play the final and the next day they didn’t let me enter school to watch the game,” Pablo Arrubla, Senior, said.

The top 3 goal scorers of the tournament were Juan Pablo Perez with 5 goals, Samuel Zuñiga both from TCS and Antonio Gutierrez form Granadino with 3 goals each. 

“I’m way younger than most of the team, but confidence is everything and I have a lot in myself. I’ve been training hard and as seen in the game it paid off,” Zuñiga said.

Players of TCS have been training hard for the past months every Thursday at 6 am to become a better rival and win the championship. All the effort that the team made, was demonstrated and paid off throughout the tournament. 

“All the time we dedicate to the team, training, becoming better, learning more strategies was all worth it when we take a look back to the tournament, we demonstrate and give everything that we had had, and that’s the best feeling ever,” Samuele Ranni, Center Forward, said.