TCS Alumnus Eliana Lopez Wins Election

Tomás Díez, Discoverer Staff Writer

Eliana Lopez, Class of ‘19, was elected to represent Comuna 14/El Poblado in last month’s elections for JAL, Junta Administrativa Local.

Lopez ran against 22 other candidates which she came forth out of seven open spots in the position,winning with 1819 votes. Lopez ran to make changes in the community.

“I can empower the youth and people my age and make people understand that politics involves everyone,” Lopez said.

Lopez who graduated from TCS has always had a political inclination and on the past fall she took the first step to a political career.

She already had a political inclination since I met her, in all her academic training she always looked for that line between political sciences,” Karol Marin sociales teacher at TCS said.

Lopez said her biggest advisor in her campaign was her boss Simon Molina from her political party Centro Democratico who got elected for city council this past fall.

“Simon has inspired me he became my best friend,my mentor and my ally,he taught me everything I needed to know,” Lopez said.

Those who know her are not surprised by her success and say she is a person who follows her dreams. They also hope this is just the beginning of her career in politics. 

“It’s totally a stepping stone, and more than a stepping stone is a s big ladder that she will continue to climb during her life,” Tomas Sanchez 11th grade,said.

Lopez said that the election process had some sacrifices and some good experiences with taught her a lot and prepare her for the future. 

“How much time I had to compromise with my family and friends,i had no rest,it was three months of not sleeping” Lopez ,said.

Lopez being an alumni from TCS says that the school prepared her for challenges like this and it wouldn’t be the same without it.

“I am confident that a great part of me winning the JAL is because of the school I graduated from”Lopez , said.