Columbus School Students Go Global

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Columbus School Students Go Global

Lucas Hall, Discoverer Staff Writer

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70% of 16-29 year old travelers seek out a mix of meaningful travel ambitions such as studying, learning a new language, working and volunteering abroad, which helps broaden their skill set, and increasing awareness of diverse cultures. For Columbus School students it is common for seniors leave after graduating, plenty decide to take a gap year to foreign places like Italy, Australia etc. Others take the time productively and leave to pursue their dreams, it being playing a professional sport or pursuing a career. Either way it is common for students to leave and reflect on life after a continuous cycle of studying for 14 years straight.

It is also largely common in advanced societies like Europe for students to take a “gap year”, from personal experience I can confirm this as half of my family is from England. “I did my gap year in Asia, it was a great time to reflect and decide what I wanted to study. Also it has been the only time in my life where I have traveled freely, without worries. I insist my son takes a gap year to reflect.” Caspar Hall, father of TCS student Lucas Hall. Gap year is almost a must in every English person’s life. As it helps everyone take the step and transition into the new phase of each students life.   

TCS Students

Some student in TCS are deciding to travel and take a break off studying in order to “breathe” and have time to think, after having studied for 14 years of their life which is essentially 80% of their entire life. This is the opportunity to leave students comfort zones and explore new countries and cultures. For example, Camilo Diez said “After I graduate I will go to Italy, and take courses in photography and gastronomy.” The Senior will have the opportunity to learn about Italian culture for the span of six months. When he comes back to Colombia he will major in Mechatronic Engineering, which include plenty of math and programming. Even though he already is certain about what he is going to study, taking the trip is one of the only opportunities he will have to experience life before he moves on studying, essentially confronting life and its briefness

Sergio Osorio has similar but very different plans. “My plans after graduating are essentially leaving one year in order to pursue my dream and play soccer as I am a highly competitive person, this sport has been a great part of my life the last few years and has helped me grow as a person. I am looking to either play  in the UK, Holland, US or maybe stay in Colombia.” Sergio feels like he wants to be productive in his year off and maybe will even decide to pursue his professional soccer career. It will also help clear his mind and learn about life, as he will be doing what he likes after following the same boring routine for the past 14 years. Finally getting the chance to play soccer and potentially exploit his talent in order to become a professional is the opportunity of a lifetime that no one can deny.

Students Around the World

After having the same routine for 14 years it is not abnormal that students, will make the first decision after graduating to do something that they will choose and not by their parents, finally have some freedom. According to International Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development “it is suggested that there was an increase of 0.8 million to 3.7 million international students studying abroad between 1975-2009. It is said that this number is increasing yearly by 12%.” every year the number of students that decide to leave increases, as it has become normal to leave our country to study abroad, the reason can be to live new experiences or even to receive a better education in the field the respective student decides to practice.

Why leave?

Leaving home after graduating is a good idea for any student. Leaving and breaking the routine after 14 years is good as it allows students to reflect on life in home. Life is brief and after college we tend to get a job start a family etc, which gives us o time to experience freedom and live unattached to everything. Leaving a closed community like Medellin and leaving to a multicultural place can help students from Medellin expand their point of views and become improved versions of themselves.

“I feel like leaving Colombia for six months will help me, reflect on my past years on school. It will be a great opportunity to expand my knowledge and learn about a new culture. I feel that when I come back I will be a new and improved person.” said Camilo Diez.