Class of ‘69 Returns to TCS


Astrid Muñoz

Federico Prussman, Class of ‘69, tours the TCS campus with old friends from school.

Tomás Díez, Discoverer Staff Writer

The TCS Class of ‘69 toured the campus on September the 23rd, as part of their 50th year reunion celebration.

The tour was organized by TCS Marketing Director Astrid Muñoz, with eight alumni from the Class of ‘69 attending. 

“We’ve always wanted to come back to TCS for our 50th year reunion, once we knew we could do it we tried to get everyone on board,” Beatriz Toro, Class of ’69, said.

After so many years some of the classmates have lost touch.  Even though some were not able to participate, the ones that did were filled with joy when they saw each other.

“We felt so happy to come back to TCS, we felt as if we were students again, plus we were so happy to see each other again,” Toro said.

 In the 50 years since this group left TCS the school has evolved in everything from the setting to the teaching approach.

“We feel that the school had a great upgrade, physically and philosophically. Every one of the facilities we visited was way better than the ones we had,” Jose Eddy, Class of ’69, said.

Some of the alumni visited our campus in the past, but with the help of the TCS staff they were able to tour of the entire campus including the new  library, cafeteria, classrooms and the baseball and futbol fields. 

“We visited many parts of the campus and we were impressed as how much it has evolved. In the beginning our campus was just a couple of classrooms,” Toro said.

Alumni like Toro say most people who graduated from TCS feel like its a second home. Becuase of this, the school is working on a program that can allow more alumni to do tours of the school and see our new campus while having a good time coming back to a place they once belonged.

“Columbus schools graduates are always welcome,if they want to visit the school they only have to fill up a from,” Muñoz said.