An Expensive and Uncomfortable Battery Pack


Twizy test drive and review.

Alejandro Gomez, Discoverer Staff Writer

The most useless and expensive battery pack with four wheels that you could ever buy in your lifetime. This preposterous piece of French engineering comes with a 13 kW single-gear electric engine. Translation; a boring 17 hp motor that takes you from 0-100 km/h in well… never mind this car only takes you to a whopping 80 km/h on a flat surface.

Renault and French car designers overall have been characterized for their “different” taste in car designs. With characteristic models like the 2008 Renault Megane GT, the 2018 Citroen Cactus, and of course the 2018 Renault Twizy is no exception to the rule. Apart from it’s “alternative” looks the Twizy does have a meaningful inspiration and an even better purpose. The car, meant to help traffic and the environment by not only emitting 0 CO2 /100 km but also being very small making it comfortable to park in small city street parking spots. It seems that engineers took the goal too literally and solved the issues without taking external factors like comfort, practicality, and safety.

The Twizy comes with some exuberant features that no other electric car comes with. For example: fully plastic seats with no cushioning, a rear seat that fits comfortably a miniature pinscher, no air conditioner, optional plastic windows that will make you pass out in a summer day, and of course the real kicker, like a $275,000 USD Lamborghini Performante, the Renault Twizy comes with fully functional scissor doors. You may be asking yourselves, well with the lack of luxury, comfort, and decency this car has, how much is it? Well, you have to pay the modest sum of $9,625 USD in order to have one lighting up your garage.

With all this being said, there is one undeniable fact, having an all-electric vehicle will exempt you from Pico y Placa, Aranceles, fuel costs and even some taxes, so what is the solution? The Twizy is small enough so that nobody is comfortable but big enough so that it can’t run through traffic jams between cars. On the other hand, the all-electric Gogoro Smartscooter, an all-electric scooter from Taiwan will allow you to seat in a comfortable, synthetic leather seat, while you zip through traffic with a range of 110 km. Not only can this bike go further than the Twizy, but it can also take home the victory on the drag strip with a top speed of 90 km/h. Like the Twizy, you will also get wet on the motorbike, but you can skip through traffic and at least look decent while driving it. You will also have all the benefits mentioned above like saving on fuel costs, taxes, etc.. All of this could be yours for only $1,816 USD.


In a nutshell, the Renault Twizy, unfortunately, does not accomplish its goal because it’s still amazingly uncomfortable to drive. Currently, there are many environmentally friendly, cheap solutions on the market and it will be irresponsible to buy a vehicle without considering the many other great options.