Kai: Vegan and Delicious

Have you ever tried eating at a restaurant where you don’t understand how the flavors are combined but somehow taste incredible? Kai is the perfect representation of this. Kai is a vegan restaurant that promotes a conscious and balanced lifestyle, located near Parque del Poblado, next to Calle 10. It offers alternative food options and provides a unique experience and food that is out of this world.  

I visited Kai for the first time because I saw it advertised on Twitter and wanted to try it out. I heard that the restaurant made vegan burgers, so I expected it to be like any regular vegan burger place, a small shop where you could try excellent food. I found it to be completely different. The restaurant is spacious and beautiful and has a varied menu. Ever since I tried Kai, I haven’t been able to stop going, nor do I want to. I have taken all of my friends and family there to try my favorite restaurant in the entire city, and this opinion has become quite popular. With incredible service, an unexplainable mixture of unique ingredients, and a cozy and alluring restaurant, Kai has without a doubt exceeded all of the expectations that I ever had for a restaurant. Not just a vegan restaurant, but any restaurant that I had ever tried or visited. 

What you eat and decide to put inside your body is very important, and it’s a choice that human beings make daily. Will I eat healthy today? Or should I order something fried because it tastes better? Many of us spend some time wondering whether we should eat based on what is better for our bodies and our brains or on what will taste better in our mouths. Luckily, Kai solves this question for all of its visitors. Kai’s food is all healthy, it’s all vegan, and it’s made following a philosophy of balance and consciousness, meaning that everything that will go into your body is made to fulfill the eating requirements that we humans must consume. All food is cooked without harming any animals because there are no animal-derived products included, and it’s alñ delicious. All of its dishes have a different yet delicious flavor, and they break the mental model that eating healthy equals food that is not so good. Even though some people still prefer food that adjusts in some way to their taste, there is no better combination than a dish that will properly nurture you and will satisfy you with its flavor. 

Another thing that sets Kai apart from other restaurants is its incredible and aesthetic decor. Kai has a simple yet fancy vibe because it’s decorated in a way that makes you feel comfortable and at home, but it’s still impeccable and very clean. The smell of the food and ingredients makes it even more alluring. Another vegan restaurant that I enjoy is one called Lenteja Express. Lenteja Express offers a wide variety of dishes and is relatively cheaper. However, its decoration is not at all attractive and it has suffered judgment because of this. Its decoration doesn’t lure people into the restaurant; it’s not welcoming and doesn’t give off a sense of calm and happiness as Kai does. I’m a firm believer that wherever you go to eat, you must feel comfortable and happy to enjoy the food as well, which are two things that Kai, without a doubt, provides.

Not only will you have a great dining experience when you visit Kai, but its location sets it apart as well. Kai is situated near Calle 10, a beautiful street in Medellín where the dining culture and night culture are vibrant and exciting. If you want to dine at a place where you will see multiple people around and somewhere where you can walk, Calle 10 is the place to go. There are many good restaurants that I like to visit as well, like La Rufina, for instance. However, it’s too far away from my house, and there is no ambiance around it. This is why Calle 10 is my favorite place to eat. 

Finally, another thing that sets Kai apart from multiple restaurants in the city is its service. Not only will the people working at the restaurant treat you with kindness and respect, but they will also become your temporary friends and give you all of the attention and help you need. They will patiently explain the primary purpose and philosophy of the restaurant to you, as well as the menu. They will nicely answer any questions about dishes or flavors you may have. This is what sets a restaurant apart from a dining place to a whole dining experience. While some people enjoy visiting restaurants for purely eating and avoiding small talk, the people at Kai will make you feel at home and will allow you to enjoy your meal to the fullest.

Kai is a restaurant like no other, and if you visit the restaurant, not only will you leave with a full stomach but with a big smile as well. It’s an excellent option for people that follow all kinds of diets, not only a vegan diet, and with its delicious ingredients and flavors, you will feel fulfilled with such alternative protein options. It’s definitely a place worth visiting multiple times!