Is Borderlands 2 too Much?


Borderlands 2 is an RPG Shooter Looter video game released on September 18, 2012 for PC and later released for PS4 XBOX and Android. Players have played this game since and are still seeking for new adventures. This game has so much variety that players are still discovering new guns, mechanics and aspects of the game. “Even after 7 years of its original release I still come back to it to enjoy a few aspects of the game,” Gabriel Vallejo, TCS student, said.

Pedro Juan Henao, Discoverer Staff Writer

Borderlands 2 is a game developed by Gearbox Software and Sony Entertainment. The genre of this game is Shooter Looter, First Person shooter and RPG. In this game you play as a Vault-Hunter which is basically a cold blooded, loot thirsty maniac. You can choose one out of four different characters to play with. Each character has many abilities that you can decide how to use them on combat. The story of this game puts you on a planet called Pandora which is being ruled by the Tyrant and Owner of the company Hyperion Handsome Jack. Your mission is to stop him from destroying Pandora.

This game proves that it is possible for a videogame to withstand time, even after its original release back on 2012 players are still discovering new mechanics and keep going on many adventures. This game has it all, great story, fun enemies, lots of guns and even 10+ hours of gameplay to buy after you are done completing the main story.

This game has an exceptional story, it guides you through thin and thick smooth and rough. It gives you an unhealthy amount of side quests. Most people have never done them all. On the other hand games like Call of Duty and other first shooter games are only played online and competitively. This game gives you the option to relax and enjoy the game. You can virtually do anything. This game is so good because it gives freedom to the player plus it lets the player decide what he/she wants. Work on the main story, do some side quests, go loot for cool guns, farm for xp. Almost anything is possible.

In this game you have a variety of enemies, some of them include: Skags, Rakks, Goliaths, Psycho, Maniac, Midget of any time of human, Pyromaniac, Chubbies, Tubbies, Varkids, Spiderants, and so much more. On other games such as Destiny 2 you only have enemies like: Cabal, Fallen, Hive, Vex, and Takens. This proves the difference between some games and BL2, this game has nowhere near the same amount of enemies as Borderlands 2. This makes this game great because as I was saying earlier, this game gives choice the the player and lets us do what we want to do, ranging from defeating enemies or searching for rare loot. We have the decision. On other games it only lets you focus on the main story until you beat it, then finally you will be able to be free, but not in this game. You are free since the beginning.

In this game you can choose any of four different characters, unless you bought the dlc in which case you have 2 other characters you could choose. The characters are: Axton, Maya, Salvador, Zero, Gaige, and Krieg. All characters have their own unique ability and have many other abilities that you can use to build them in any way you want. Games like Apex Legends only offer you 5 characters and those characters only have a unique gun but that’s it. You can’t build them in different ways. Games like this makes it so that each character works for only one purpose, in BL2 any character can be anything. This gives the player pleasure since he/she can try different builds for different things whenever they want. This makes the game fun since you can build your character in many different ways. It can range from a character that hits like a rock to a character who is really fast and jumps really high, it sounds kind of dumb it you can use this abilities to your advantage. Who knows there might be a point in the game where you could use some extra speed.

Okay this is this games strongest category, why you might ask, well this game has a whopping 17.75 million different guns. Each and every single one has a difference and can be used for many things. Games like Black Ops have like 100 guns at most. They have guns like AK-47, LMG, Nukes and others, but Borderlands 2 you could say it has infinite amount of guns, the chances of running into the same gun twice are extremely slim how fun does that sound. That is what makes this game what it is. This games quality and greatness comes from this, I mean how rewarding is it when you get an enemy to drop a really rare gun that you have been farming for ages. Most games dont have this and don’t understand how this mechanics brings so much pleasure to players.

Borderlands 2 has some of the best DLCs out there, not only do they give you access to different enemies, areas, guns and more but they give you experience. What do I mean by that? Well this game is incredibly long and sometimes you might get tired of the main story, so what do you do? Play DLCs. By playing DLCs you are gaining xp, learning more about the game, getting better guns, playing through a whole other story and when you come back to the main story you will be more prepared for tougher enemies and play smarter. Games like Black Ops offer you some DLCs, but they’re the same thing as before just that in another map. Maybe you’ll get a new mechanic you can use or do, but only in this are. On Borderlands 2 once you get a gun in a DLCs you’ll be able to use it in the main story too. This game immense variety of virtually everything gives players hours of gameplay and fun. This leads to a game that can withstand time. That’s why this game has won many awards and the franchise is only getting bigger. What will await for us in the future.

This game is recommended to people who are willing to play for hours and put your heart and time into this game. It’s not easy and sometimes you may have to go back a few steps in order to move forward. This game goes for about 13 dollars. That’s nothing compared to the amount of pleasure and fun you are going to have with this game. But the DLCs cost some more. This games enemies, story, characters, guns and DLCs make it an never ending adventure, this game has much more to offer than most RPG combined.