Work Begins on New HS Tech Facility


An architectual rendering of the new technology building.

A new tech building focused on science and engineering is being built to replace the old Maker’s Space and provide a new, united environment for students and staff.

The new building, which will cost around COP $2,023 million, will be ready by August of this year. Each floor will be distributed in classroom-type sectors that separate the different fields; The Maker Space, La Fundación, the HS teachers’ and principal’s offices and lunchroom, and occasionally, TOM and COSMUN.

“This project consists of the remodeling of The Maker Space, we will turn it into a tech facility, a bigger maker space, and many other spaces will be utilized in the new building,” Juan Fernando Mesa, TCS physical developer, said.

TCS’ engineering and planning team have big plans for the robotics and technology field. In order to expand the designated space for Robotics and tech, the old Maker Space was removed and is being moved to a completely new facility. A two-story building connected to the HS teachers’ lounge and offices will replace it.

“I feel the old Maker Space was really exposed to people passing by, and it was really reduced and somehow unsafe. I believe the new project will have wider spaces, so many more things will fit.” Isaac Vélez, Grade 11 Robotics Team Member, said.

The building is set to be completely finished by August of this year, however, TCS’ physical developers worry the current global container crisis will obligate the team to extend the deadline.

“The ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine is affecting raw material trade worldwide, the price for each constructed square meter has increased dramatically, in fact, we believe that the construction will exceed a cost of $2,700 million pesos.”Juan Fernando Mesa, TCS physical developer, said

The school is willing to invest whatever amount of funds necessary in order to complete this project and continue to partake in external programs that benefit Middle School and High School students.

“In recent years, students have become more interested in getting involved with projects such as TOM or COSMUN, this has led our team to consider providing them with a safe and comfortable space directed specifically to their needs,” Mesa said.

This project was started to help create a united and friendly space that connects the two separate buildings of Middle and High School, prompting students with similar interests to build stronger connections and provide a comfortable space for staff.

“Hopefully, by the start of next school year, students will be able to enjoy and take advantage of this facility and all of the useful tools within it,” Mesa said.