Technology Class Iced by Creative Project


S. Galeano, A. Niehaus, and _ pose with their ice cream project

Grade 8 students presented an ice cream project created in technology class to people over the school, on May 24 and 25, where they displayed ice cream brand logos created by them.

Students had 2 months of preparation to create their own ice cream company, each group consisting of 2-3 students who designed their logo, promotional video, flyers, and an innovative way of presenting their ice cream. The project could include ice cream from a local shop but students had to modify it into their own idea to introduce into the class.x

“I really liked this project because it actually taught me how to make logos. Not only this, but I learned about entrepreneurship. It is something that could actually be useful for us in the future, and that helped me with important skills,” Claire Brimely, Grade 8, said.

They had two days to present, in which parents, teachers, and students saw their projects and tasted their ice cream. Through tools such as Canva, the students learned design skills and improved their presentations.

“I believe it’s awesome that the school is taking a step forward and is teaching its students about entrepreneurship and the making of logos. I’m convinced this is a great project for everyone, and as far as I’ve seen, it has been very successful in every aspect. It is something that both the students and the audience can enjoy,” Valeria Arbelaez, Grade 10, said.

This project took 2 months for students to prepare, and the entrepreneurs presented in the MS technology class. The technology class teacher wanted to test the abilities of students to use Canva, digital design tools, and their creativity.

“Communication was key because when we were all together, we gave each other feedback, had an open mind towards each other’s ideas, and complemented each other’s work,” Arianna Niehaus, Grade 8, said.

Clair Brimley and Amalia Gutierrez’s group decided to create their own cookie dough for their ice cream sandwich. In contrast to their peers, they decided to make ice cream sandwiches as they considered that it would be more creative. 

“Our idea emerged because we didn’t want to make a liter of ice cream and that’s it. We wanted to make something different and something that’s not what we see every day. Making an ice cream sandwich was a fun idea that everyone liked,” Gutierrez said.

Manolo Arrubla and Sara Galeano’s group created ice cream with Nutella and Oreos. They designed their ice cream using digital design tools and the support of their teachers.

“We learned how to be more organized with everything, and how to plan better. We made the video, the flyer, and the logo with Canva and help from our teacher. Learning how to use Canva for other purposes was very good because I wouldn’t have thought of creating all these things with this tool. However, it turned out to be easier than expected,” Galeano said.

Students created their ice cream logos with Canva and digital tools, as it allowed them to better express their ideas and develop skills. 

“This project gave us a lot to learn about. We had to be creative, use different skills, and find different ways to make the logos, the ice cream, and the presentations. This project taught us many valuable things that we will keep using in the future in other projects and things that we might have,” Niehaus said.