Personera and STUCO Reps Inaugurated in Virtual Ceremony


Photo Courtesy of TCS Communications

Personera A. Cardona gives her acceptence speech in the TCS Theater while being broadcasted virtually to the TCS community.

Pedro Gomez, Discoverer Staff Writer

After a long delay, the annual inauguration ceremony for Personera Andrea Cardona, MS, and HS STUCO representatives was held virtually due to COVID restrictions in the TCS theater at the beginning of February.

Originally, this inauguration is performed in September, but this possession took place two school quarters later due to the pandemic. STUCO from six grade all the way to twelve grade attended the ceremony STUCOS from 4th grade, and fifth grade couldn’t come because of the pandemic. The dynamics of the inauguration were pretty much the same as the rest of the years. Still, this time it was similar to the class hybrid models performed in the school, where there are some participants face to face and others in a zoom meeting, but they all have the chance to intervene. 

“The student council works independently of an assembly or not. However, I believe it is a very important thing to acknowledge the people that have been working for the past six months in STUCO,” Andrea Cardona, TCS Personera, said. 

The fact that this event was broadcasted was one of the reasons it could be done. However, the broadcast lacked some publicity.

“It would have been nice if it was more promoted to everyone so people could be aware beforehand and join the ceremony. I know that 300 or 400 people watched it, but that’s not all of the TCS community.” Cardona said.

Due to the world’s current situation, which has highly altered the school’s dynamics, it was quite hard to give this event the importance it used to have.

“…When us three twelve graders got there,  due to TCS Harvard models and different schedules, no one knew about the ceremony, so people were dressed casually, they had jeans, not even jeans, they had the sweat pants of the school’s uniform, so maybe putting a dress code or reminding students that the inauguration is important could have helped… we also started a little bit late, so it showed unpreparedness,” Nicolas Zarate, 12th-grade STUCO, said.

The inauguration began with a brief introduction hosted by twelve grader Isabel Mora, paired with the Colombian national anthem, later on, Mss. Ruth gave a speech from home expressing the importance of the student council.

“It won’t be an easy school year, and it will be a school year where we look up to our student leaders to help us maintain a sense of community, even though we might have to spend a significant amount apart,” Ms. Ruth, TCS superintendent, said.

 STUCOS were now called to step on stage, where they take a picture,  show their face, and leave. this was followed by a speech given by the high school principal, Juan David Lopez, mainly acknowledging the achievement of getting to the position of Student Representatives. 

“You arrive at this position after having achieved an outstanding place in the educational community on your own merits. Being part of the school government means a feeling of justice, human dignity, leadership, selflessness, civility, loyalty, and friendship,” Juan David Lopez, High School Principal, said.

After Juan David gave his speech, he read and asked the student representatives to commit to the traditional vows. STUCOS promised the school to follow some aspects of the “Coexisting Manual” and commit to the multiple essential values of a student representative. Every leader agreed to follow the vows, and then the Personera Andrea Cardona gave her speech.

“…TCS is an amazing place, and we can make it better, remember that we are so strong, and we can overcome this.  This school year has taught us so much, and together we can strive for a better future,” Cardona said.