New and improved COSMUN board


Discoverer Staff Photo

COSMUN Leadership team prepare for COSMUN 2023.

This year the COSMUN board has four members, Santiago Villegas, General secretary, Maria Correa, Mariana Mesa, and Juana Wolff undersecretaries, seeking to recover the strength it had before pandemic.

This year three undersecretaries were chosen by High school Principal Juan David Lopez, sponsor of COSMUN, Emily Butterworth, and general secretary, Santiago Villegas, to distribute the workload and prepare for COSMUN on March 8th.

“I realized that just having two people work both on academic and logistical issues was a bit overwhelming,” Santiago Villegas, General Secretary, said.

Due to the high quality of the 5 candidates that applied and to be secretaries of COSMUN, the directives took this decision to make the event more professional. 

“They changed the way that it worked, instead of choosing two, they elected only one. However, this time, there were five very good candidates and I was one of the fortunate,” Juana Wolff, Undersecretary, said.

In order to be part of the COSMUN board it is necessary to consider the requirements based on grades, academic responsibility, behavior, and GPA of the candidate. Also they have to be president or vice president of any committee in the past years.

“Students work very hard to complete all of the requirements that COSMUN present, so all of the hard work students do showed that they deserved this important role,” Villegas said.

COSMUN goals this year are to expand to over 18 committees and make it international. These targets that were set before the quarantine but never got to light.

“We all have worked very hard in order to expand COSMUN and make it available for more people around the world. Having three Under Secretary generals is going to help a lot with the organization and making of the event,” Villegas said.

New additions to COSMUN have made logistics and press have bigger goals and better distribution of work, because of this there’s going to be more people in each team. 

“With the new undersecretary generals COSMUN has increased significantly and it makes all sections of COSMUN increase their size and work in order to make a better model,” Amalia Sierra, Vice-President of Logistics, said.

Another significant change for COSMUN this year is the invitation of students from other schools that normally don’t have the opportunity to participate in the event. 

“We are also going to bring in some students from public schools that usually don’t have the chance to come to these events. So this year is going to be very special.” Ambar Alvarez, Vice-President of Logistics, said.