MS Celebrates Pi Day


Maria Echeverri

Pi day celebration in Middle School on March 14.

Tomas Galeano, Discoverer Staff Writer

TCS Middle School Students Celebrated International Pi Day with Posters and Festivities on March 14. In mathematics, pi is the ratio of the circumference to the diameter of a circle. 

Pi Day is typically celebrated in MS through activities such as Math competitions, Pi Recitation Contest, and a “Pi”-eating Contest. Decorations were also prepared by the students, and the MS boulevard was filled with colorful posters that commemorate this very special day.

“We made a total of 10 posters, each talking about something different about the date. I helped write all of the posters,” Amalia Vargas, Grade 8, said.

TCS celebrated Pi Day ay by designing colorful posters and decorations for the MS boulevard.  In addition, all the math teachers planned out special lessons to teach students about the history of this day. 

“On Pi Day we made some posters that helped us learn a lot of fun facts about the mathematical term Pi. We did some research as a class and it was fun to help draw the posters because it was very creative,” Elena Henao, Grade 8, said.

Apart from the colorful festive vibe, the posters impacted all of the TCS community. Students, teachers, parents visiting campus and even administration staff, walking by were able to see and learn from all the commemorations of Pi Day.

“I saw the posters and I thought that was really interesting that the school was celebrating the Pi day,” Teo Dominguez, Grade 10, said.

Every year Middle School Math Department shows great enthusiasm and comes up with creative and thoughtful ways to acknowledge this day. The reason for this celebration is that the date, written as 3/14 in the month/day format, matches the first three digits of the mathematical constant Pi.

“I learned that a Pi Day is March 14, because March is a third month on the 14th because Pi is 3.14, and this is a number that we use every single day in math and in our lives,” Henao said

Pi is an important concept in mathematics, physics, engineering, and many other fields. It is used in calculations for everything from the size of a circle to the orbits of planets. Its importance and ubiquity in the field of mathematics make it a subject of fascination and celebration for math enthusiasts of all ages.

“These numbers are very important and present not only in math class but in our daily lives. If you take a look at our environment, you may find these proportions in nature, the plants, animals, and even the human body!,” Lina Marulanda, MS Learning Center Math teacher, said.

Pi Day is an opportunity for students and math enthusiasts to celebrate the wonder of mathematics and its many applications in the world around us. By highlighting the importance of Pi and its many uses, we can inspire future generations to embrace the study of math and pursue careers in related fields.

“We are always going to use the number of Pi. It will be present in work, nature, school etc,” Marulanda said.