Last second victory give TCS the MS Copa Columbus Championship


MS Boys Basketball team received their medals after the finals vs Alcazares in the High School coliseum on March 11th.

Andres Lopera, Discoverer Staff Writer

The TCS MS Boys Basketball team defeated Alcazares for the second time in two days 29-26 and were crowned champions of the Middle School Copa Columbus on March 11th in the High School Coliseum.

Playing in their first tournament in nearly two years, the team finished the tournament undefeated having earlier defeated Montessori and Colegio Cumbres.

“It was a long season of training for us and training was hard, so we deserved this win,” Eduardo Franco, Grade 8, said.

Both teams began the game very intense with Columbus leading 15-10 at halftime. Eduardo Franco led TCS with strong defense in addition to scoring 10 first-half points. Alcazares rallied from an early deficit in the second quarter.

“We have been looking forward to this match for weeks and it’s an honor to be in the finals,” Jeronimo Vergara, Grade 8, said.

At the start of the second half, Alcazares scored 4 quick points causing dissension between the TCS players. They quickly get their heads back in the game and created new defense lineup to counter Alcazares for each opposing teammate.

“I believe this was the most crucial and tensioning moment in the entire game. We had to strengthen our defense strategy and continue the game with all the attitude and power,” Pablo Kim, Grade 8, said.

With every passing minute, the crowd got more excited and at the same time anxious. TCS Coach Christian Marin was yelling instructions and making plans on his boards for the next time out as the noise in the coliseum rose.

Coach Marin talked to players on the bench giving them instructions on what to do when it’s their turn to play. Alcazares began gaining up on the school’s team and the players.

“I believe that the team has come very far and we are getting better by the minute,” Yerson Gomez, TCS Assitstant Coach, said.

Columbus’ strategy was working up until the third quarter before Alcazares figured out how to defend it. After this, the coach had to call a timeout and plan out their new plays in order to get new control of the game.

In final quarter both teams gave their all.  With Alcazares leading 26-24, TCS center Pablo Kim scored from under the basket to tie the score and put the pressure back on the other team.

With 30 seconds left, forward Jeronimo Vergara frustrated Alcazares with his defense, stole the ball and Franco scored a three pointer to complete the comeback.

“Its a team sport and if I have to carry my team to the win I am more than happy to,” Franco said.

After the final whistle TCS players flooded the court to congratulate their teammates and receive their winners medals and trophy.

“These kids gave it their best and when they do, Columbus will always rise to the top,” Marin said.